“Las Aparicio” recap: Episodes 55-57


In episode 56, we pick things up with Armando, who’s at the gallery cafe telling Ileana and her boyfriend, Bruno, that things with Julia didn’t work out exactly as planned because he can’t determine whether Julia was really jealous or if her pride was just hurt.

Ileana is very interested in making sure that Julia breaks up with Mariana and goes back to Armando, so she suggests that maybe the key is to make Mariana so jealous that she breaks things up with Julia. Bruno is more interested in finding out whether Armando slept with Valeria, but Valeria shows up to talk to Armando and that conversation is cut short.

Armando tells Valeria that their sleeping together was nice and all but that he doesn’t want anything serious and Valeria wholeheartedly agrees. Blah, blah, who cares?


Over at Mariana’s, Julia is super excited because a producer is interested in auditioning both Julia and Mariana for parts in a TV series. Mariana tells Julia to calm down because it’s just an audition and it’s not a sure thing, but Julia is an eternal optimist and wants to start celebrating right away. She proposes a romantic dinner, followed by dancing.

Mariana: Oh, my love, I’m sorry. I agreed to have dinner with Hernan.

Julia: Oh, okay, well then I guess it will be a non-romantic dinner. But then we really do have to go out dancing because I really, really want to.

Mariana: Yes, my love, but how do I tell you this without upsetting you? It’s just that there’s a lot of things still to fix with Hernan and I would really like it if it was just the two of us. I mean, just to avoid awkwardness.

Julia: Well, okay. Why would I get mad? But you do owe me going out to party, you can’t get out of that.

I don’t know, Mariana, leaving your girlfriend alone right now sounds like a bad idea. Especially when your girlfriend is Julia Aparicio. But what do I know about women?


That evening, Mariana has dinner with Hernan. Hernan tells her that he wants to tell her something, something he’s never told anyone before and only wants his own daughter to know.

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