“Las Aparicio” recap: Episodes 55-57


And though Valeria can totally see through his little ploy to make Julia jealous, Mariana staring into her eyes left her all hot and bothered so when Armando proposes sex, she doesn’t turn him down. To this I say, “Ew,” so let’s move on.

Next day, Julia is whining about the double date and Mariana is annoyed with her and states that seeing Armando with Valeria must have really bothered her. Julia denies it up and down and says that she’s actually happy about it because it means that he won’t be bothering them anymore.

Mariana: If you say so.

Raise your hand if you believe Julia.

That’s what I thought.

You know who also didn’t raise her hand? Mariana. But Mariana can’t resist Julia nor her smile so her annoyance dissipates the moment Julia proposes a “game.”


Julia: What would you do if you saw your girlfriend making the bed? Would you a) help her make it or b) help her unmake it?

Mariana’s answer is c) take her to the futon. Or maybe take her on the futon. I’d vote for the latter. Mariana leads her girlfriend in that direction.

Later on, they’re packing. For a trip? Nope. Apparently, they want to donate some food and clothes to victims of a recent hurricane. Hernan drops by and asks how things are going.


Things aren’t going very well, says Mariana, because they watched the news, and no one can possibly be cheerful after watching the news. Between the hurricane and the fact that the supreme court is reviewing the issue of gay adoptions — well, everything is doom and gloom.

Mariana: I don’t know whether to be angry or depressed.

Hernan agrees that things are effed up but he’s all, “We’ll see.”

Julia doesn’t understand why the government is putting so much time and effort into worrying about gay issues instead of focusing on things like catching drug dealers and murderers.

Mariana: It drives me crazy that people would rather a kid to be on the street, asking for money in a corner, shooting up on drugs, instead of being with a couple that will love him and give him all the love and care that he’ll need.

Sing it, sister.

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