“Las Aparicio” recap: Episodes 55-57



Next question! Armando asks Mariana:

Armando: You have a new boyfriend – sorry, girlfriend, but you don’t stop missing your ex. Do you tell your partner?

Mariana: Look, I think more than once you’ve proven that games are for little kids or more accurately that you can’t stop being immature, so I think I’m going to go because otherwise I won’t have time to do the stuff I need to do. Excuse me.

Armando is enjoying every second of this.



Julia half-heartedly protests and Mariana tells her that if she wants to stay she can stay, but that she has to leave.

Mariana: Valeria, I’m sorry. By the way, you have really gorgeous eyes.

Julia: No one asked you!

Oh, Mariana, you charmer.


Valeria totally thinks so too.


I figure she’s thinking that if things don’t work out between Mariana and Julia, maybe Mariana can give her a call.

Julia grumpily agrees to leave and yells for Mariana to wait up.

Armando is, naturally, very proud of himself. Operation: Make Julia Jealous and Piss Mariana Off in the Process was a smashing success.


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