“Las Aparicio” recap: Episodes 52-54

Alma is discussing the issue of jealousy with her class, something that seems to be giving Armando some big ideas. He keeps glancing at the girl in his class, and you can see the wheels turning in his head. Not good.


After class, he talks to Ileana about how he’s going to get Julia back. Ileana is happy to hear him talking like that because he needs to “get her away from those lesbian friendships.” He then spots Valeria, the girl from class, and tells her that he’s got a proposal for her.

Over at Mariana’s, Julia and Mariana are rehearsing some scenes. The phone rings and Julia stops Mariana from answering. On the machine, Armando leaves a message inviting them both on a double dinner date with a girl he just met.

Julia doesn’t sound happy about this double date idea, but Mariana is all for it, since they all agreed to be friends.


Mariana: Unless that makes you jealous?
Julia: I am not jealous! Who told you I was jealous? I just think it’s inappropriate and … stupid.

Mmm. Hmm.

Later on, they’re at Armando’s, helping him prepare dinner. Or rather, preparing the dinner for him. Julia asks questions, like “So how did you meet her?” in a tone that makes her sound like a jealous ex-girlfriend.

Armando: I met her at the Atalier.
Julia: Alma’s Atalier? What were you doing there?
Armando: Nothing. Taking classes. They’re very interesting, by the way. I’m determined to be a new, refined sort of man. Kind of like a lesbian … but more cultured.

He leaves the kitchen and Mariana walks up to Julia and the two start to bicker until Valeria shows up. Julia turns up the Jealous Ex-Girlfriend knob to maximum, something that doesn’t escape Mariana’s attention.


The cozier Armando and Valeria get, the more annoyed Julia looks. She tries to funnel that jealousy by kissing Mariana in front of Armando, but Mariana isn’t stupid and can see right through that, which means the rest of the evening is not going to go very smoothly.




Armando, meanwhile, is cackling madly inside his head and rubbing his hands together, thinking, “I’ve got you now, Julia Aparicio. MUAHAHAHAHA.”

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