“Las Aparicio” recap: Episodes 52-54


Julia leaves them alone for a second, and Mariana takes the opportunity to face-off with her nemesis.

Mariana: What are you plotting?
Armando: What do you mean?
Mariana: No one believes that you’re trying to find your feminine side.
Armando: The only reason I came here was so you’d try my pie. You’re the one getting all Alpha Male and territorial, not letting anyone near her woman, even if they come with with good intentions.
Mariana: Good intentions my balls, you ass.
Armando: Not good, Marianita. Not good. I can tell you know nothing about women.


It saddens me to say this, but score one for Armando, because really, Mariana, you’re falling right into his Evil Plot. Jealous Girlfriends are far less attractive to confused lesbisexuals than Men With Pies.

That evening, Julia is looking at a magazine on Mariana’s bed, while Mariana paces around her room. Julia tells her to please come to bed because she’s making her dizzy.

Mariana: I can’t stop thinking that Armando is right.
Julia: Right about what?
Mariana: Do you think I’m acting like a territorial male?

Julia has no idea what Mariana is talking about, but Mariana is concerned that she’s acting like a dog that’s peeing around her territory. Julia reminds her that she’s not Mariana’s territory.


Mariana: I know I’m acting like an idiot. I get that perfectly. But … and I know we’ve already talked about this, and that you’re not my territory and that I’m not yours … but, metaphorically speaking, Julia, I need to have some type of … certainty.
Julia: I thought you and I thought the same way. That our philosophy was that no one belonged to anyone in the world … but, well … if you need me to tell you, I will tell you. I am yours and no one else’s.
Mariana: Really?
Julia: *eyeroll*

And cue some kissing…



Onwards, to episode 54. We find Julia in Mariana’s kitchen. I guess she kind of liked Armando’s pie because she reaches in the fridge for another slice. This triggers Thoughts of the Bad Kind.



She decides to toss the Pie of Evil away, but that doesn’t help. She’s still fantasizing about sex with Armando. Ew. Bad knowledge.

Mariana wanders into the kitchen and whines about being hungry. Hungry enough to eat the Pie of Evil, but Julia tells her that she tossed it. But since her girl is hungry, Julia tells her she’ll make her something to eat. Something healthy.

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