“Las Aparicio” recap: Episodes 49-51

Elsewhere, Armando once against uses his Gay Person Stalking device to track Julia down. She happens to be at the gym. Armando’s had a change of heart and now wishes to be friends. They argue about this because they’re incapable of not arguing about everything. Julia doesn’t believe that Armando could be just friends with a woman, which makes me wonder why she and Mariana went all the way to his apartment to propose just that. But whatever. Armando says he’s changed.

He can change, he can change! Some people think that he’s a bad guy, they may be right … they may be right! But it’s not as if he doesn’t try … he just f–ks up, try as he might …

Julia: Did you smoke pot?

Probably. He goes into a monologue about a giant pendulum and also soccer and a team losing and winning and I spaced out. I’m not sure Julia’s following either but she seems to like this New And Improved Armando because she tells him to keep doing whatever he’s been doing.

Armando: So….friends?

He aims, he shoots … he SCORES.

Oh, goodie.

Meanwhile, Mariana and Hernan are bonding over things that make them feel super happy. You know what makes Mariana super happy?

Mariana: Julia’s smile.


Hernan: You know what makes me a happy man? Knowing that I have a beautiful daughter, who’s brave and sure of herself. I love knowing that you’re so passionate. I love it. And it makes me the happiest man.


And that, my friends, is how we end the episode. It’s nice to see Mariana getting some love and affection, even if it’s not coming from Julia.

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