“Las Aparicio” recap: Episodes 49-51

No worries though. The offer was actually one of (platonic) love and peace, as we come to discover at the beginning of episode 51. They just want to be BFFs with him. It’s the Mature and Enlightened Thing To Do.

Armando responds to this offer with sarcasm, which leads to these faces:

Oh well, it was worth a try.

Armando: Mariana, don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

So much for love and peace.

Later on, Julia and Mariana are cooking at the Aparicio house and Aurelia is going on about how fathers will go to the ends of the earth for their daughters and Julia subtly tries to get her to change the subject. Then Aurelia remembers that Mariana is in the room and tries to apologize. Mariana makes a big show about being upset, and Aurelia is beside herself with guilt until she realizes that Mariana is just pretending.

Meanwhile, Armando goes to Alma and asks her to convince Julia to go back to him. In the process, he tells Alma a huge secret that he makes her swear not to tell anyone. Sadly, we don’t find out what the secret is, although perhaps he’s discovered the Law of Attraction and doesn’t realize Rhonda Byrne already let the cat out of the bag. Regardless, Alma isn’t going to try to get Julia back together with him. But she does suggest that he explores his feminine side.

His response to that is something like:

And next thing we know, look who’s in Alma’s workshop?

Over at Apartment Torres Wilson, Hernan shows up per Mariana’s request. Hernan notices that she’s been reading Pinocchio and Mariana says she loves the part where the father battles through anything to find his son. Hernan starts to apologize, but Mariana stops him. She tells him that after the whole situation with Renata and learning everything she’s gone through, she realized that she’d been selfish, like Pinocchio. And she proposes to act less like Pinocchio if he’s willing to act more fatherly like Geppetto. Hernan agrees.

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