“Las Aparicio” recap: Episodes 49-51


We open on episode 50 with him and Julia talking on the phone. Julia’s at Mariana’s and Mariana isn’t there because she “went out to do some things.” I can think of some things Mariana could be doing. And by “some things” I mean Julia. But they had sex that one time so they’re good to go for at least two or three years. Lesbians are like sexual camels.

Armando wants to know if Julia is going to tell Mariana about their kiss. Julia subscribes to the idea that kissing is No Big Deal and so she doesn’t see why she should tell Mariana anything.

Armando: But you told me that your relationship was based on trust…

Normally, yes, but honesty is really inconvenient for Julia right now.

Just then, Mariana returns from her late-night grocery shopping, and Julia quickly gets off the phone.

Mariana’s in good spirits and asks Julia how it went with Armando. Julia answers by being vague which naturally leads Mariana to question her further.

Mariana: Are we going to be one of those couples that doesn’t tell each other things?

Julia: No, I just wonder if you want to know the whole truth or if you just want to know things superficially.
Mariana: What a stupid question. Obviously, I want to know the truth.
Julia: Well, the truth is that nothing major happened. We just talked … and then he kissed me.
Mariana: He kissed you … or you kissed each other?
Julia: What difference does it make? He got close to me and–
Mariana: Did you sleep with him, Julia?
Julia: No, and that’s why I’m telling you. Because I want our relationship to be based on honesty.
Mariana: Thanks for your honesty, Julia.

Except, you know, she’s not really grateful, because even Mariana is not that much of a masochist. So she leaves and Julia slaps her own forehead and we move on.

While all of this has been going on, the other Aparicio women (and Hernan) have been hard at work trying to catch the man responsible for the kidnapping and sexual torture of a young girl. The girl’s been living at the Aparicio house and has warmed her way into everyone’s hearts.

The gravity of the girl’s situation leads Mariana to realize that there are bigger things in life than the issue of her girlfriend kissing Armando. So she sits Julia down for a talk.

Mariana: Julia, you and I have a home. We never lack for food.
Julia: We have a family …
Mariana: Family. Support. In the end, all of these arguments, all the bad moods, all the small details, the kiss with Armando, they’re things that … I don’t know, Julia, it’s not worth it. It’s not worth being angry at each other because of them, you understand? Because in the end, you and I have love. We have love, right?
Julia: Yes.

Phew. Crisis averted. Everything is sunshine and rainbows and fluffy bunnies again.

So then, Julia and Mariana, armed with their desire for world peace, go visit Armando. They spend about five minutes trying to get the nerve up to say what they came to say. Then they cryptically state that they have an offer for him. The writers thought it would be fun to end the episode there so that everyone watching could scream, “NOOOOO!!” And throw things at their screens.

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