“Las Aparicio” recap: Episodes 46-48

Episode 48 picks up during dessert. Ileana catches Hernan up on the events of the week before he arrived, telling him about Mariana getting harassed by Rodo and his band of merry men. Then Mariana changes the subject and she and Julia go on to talk about their hilarious encounter with an overweight director. They’re giggling and falling over each other, which makes Ileana throw up a little in her mouth from all the cuteness. So she excuses herself to go read the Bible and piously masturbate to the porn beneath her mattress.

Later on, Julia and Mariana leave and Mercedes, Hernan and Rafaela remain. Mercedes points out that Mariana looks happy and Hernan agrees. Rafaela admits that she’s having a little bit of trouble understanding the relationship, even though she saw it coming for a long time. Hernan says it was hard for him at first. Mercedes says that for her, the only concern with the relationship is what would happen to their friendship should things not work out.

Rafaela: Let’s hope that doesn’t happen.

Later that evening, Armando shows up at Mariana’s yelling for Julia. He’s stumbling over drunk. Julia isn’t at Mariana’s which means he must’ve left the GPS device at the bar. Mariana tells him that Julia isn’t there, but he doesn’t believe her and spends a few seconds searching the apartment.

Armando: Damnit, Mariana! Julia was my woman why did you get in between us?
Mariana: I didn’t get in between anyone.


Anyway, he yells a lot and tells Mariana that Julia loves him so she’s going to leave Mariana any second now. Then he roars. And for a second I think he’s going to convert into a werewolf, which would make all of this way more fun. But he doesn’t. He just knocks over a flower pot with his arm and winds up in the emergency room. Mariana takes him.

The next morning, when they get back from the hospital, Mariana and Armando wind up at Armando’s new apartment. She makes fun of his artwork. Then Julia arrives and Mariana leaves them alone to talk about their feelings. Once Mariana leaves, Julia apologizes for avoiding him. But Armando is angry and calls Julia immature. Then he tries to open a beer bottle but seeing as he’s only got one good arm, he fails, so Julia opens it for him and tells him to come talk to her in the living room.

In the living room, Armando tells Julia why he got kicked off the soccer team, which essentially boils down to him refusing to sleep with the soccer director’s wife. His refusal offended her so she told her husband that Armando came on to her. This didn’t end well for Armando. So, now he has lost everything – his career, his love – and Julia tells him not to be dramatic, because only she’s allowed to be dramatic.

Julia suggests that they become BFF, but Armando says no because BFFs don’t have sex with each other and that means it’s a raw deal for him.

Later on, Julia and Mariana do what any two girls in love do: Sit around talking about the one girl’s ex-boyfriend.

Mariana is playing on her phone while Julia talks about Armando. I’m sure she’s tweeting something like, “I should be having sex right now. #sufrocomoyosola.”

Finally, Julia notices that Mariana isn’t happy, and asks why ever not. Mariana points out that they’re not best friends any more and that her job description no longer reads, “Listen to girlfriend talk about ex.” But Julia wants to have her cake and eat it, too, and she doesn’t understand why she can’t talk about her ex-boyfriend to her girlfriend and have her girlfriend care. It’s mystifying.

But later that evening, Julia gets tired of sitting around all alone and joins Mariana in bed. Mariana is still annoyed, but she’s also whipped beyond recognition so it takes approximately half a second for Julia to make her laugh. And laughing leads to cuddling.

And though she can feel the clouds of inevitable doom gathering overhead, Mariana does her best to hold on to her happiness.

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