“Las Aparicio” recap: Episodes 46-48


At Mariana’s, Hernan comes to apologize for standing her up. Mariana is not having any of it. She tells him that if he wants to be a Dad to the rest of the world, to go be one, because she doesn’t need a father she never had. And ushers him out.

Back at the Aparicio house, Julia walks barefoot through the grass until Rafaela joins her.

Julia: That’s not how I wanted you to find out, mom. I’m sorry.
Rafaela: Things aren’t always how you want them to be. It makes me really happy that you’ve decided to end your confusions, even if the path you’re taking isn’t the easiest.
Julia: I know it’s not the easiest. I’m not stupid.
Rafaela: I just want you to know that your mother is your mother. Your family is your family. And we’re with you for whatever you need. Invite Mariana to dinner.

And finally, Julia smiles with relief.

Happy Julia calls up Mariana and they go out for lunch together, where Julia fills Mariana in on all the happenings and the Very Special coming out scene. And then they start joking around about creating a series about how Julia survived being an Aparicio. Meanwhile, Mariana gets touchy feely.

And some people at a nearby table get up and leave, which Julia interprets as them being uncomfortable with the lesbian PDA. But that’s impossible because Mercedes TOTALLY DEFEATED HOMOPHOBIA a few episodes ago. So my guess is they were just done with their meal.

Mariana: Your mom’s right. Things aren’t going to be easy.
Julia: I’m sorry, my love. Forgive me.
Mariana: It’s cool.

But it’s not so cool, because a little later they’re on set to shoot that infomercial from a couple of episodes ago and Mariana confesses that she feels really uncomfortable about what happened. Julia explains that she’s new to all of this and she’s worried about the children and the old people who might not understand two girls holding hands at a restaurant.

Confused children and old people are the leading cause of violence in Mexico. They see two women holding hands and think, “My goodness, what is that? WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN?” And in their frazzled state they stumble into a passing waiter who falls head first into the cleavage of a big-breasted woman. Her possessive sumo wrestler of a husband yells, “WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU’RE DOING? GET OUT OF THERE!” and punches the waiter, sending him reeling into another group of people. The whole restaurant BREAKS INTO CHAOS. Someone calls the cops. The press arrives. The headlines the next day read: “LESBIANS HOLD HANDS, CAUSE RIOT.”

Mariana understands, she just wants to talk more because lesbian processing saves lives.

Later on, they go to Casa Aparicio for dinner and Mariana is nervous because she’s never been there as Julia’s girlfriend before. Rafaela arrives and hugs Mariana.

And then Mariana loses some of her shyness.

Then there’s dinner. Isadora voices her confusion and Mariana says that it’s also weird for her to be Julia’s girlfriend, but asks if it would be cool if they got used to it together. Then Ileana arrives. And Hernan. And Mercedes. And Aurelia starts her closing monologue while Julia feeds Mariana. I figure it’s because Mariana’s hands are busy under the table.

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