“Las Aparicio” recap: Episodes 46-48

But no, Armando returned because without Julia he was suffering like Mariana in Spain. He had to come back and reclaim his love and in the process STOMP ALL OVER OUR HOPE. Oh, and also, they kind of kicked him out of the whole soccer world so he kind of had to come back. Julia tells him they should talk elsewhere and tells Mariana she’s going to go talk to him. Mariana knows her 2.5 seconds of happiness are almost up. On the plus side, she’s still alive, which is progress. Although I’d keep away from windows if I were her.

A little later, Hernan shows up to tell Mariana that he’s totally cool with her being a lesbian and that he’s sorry for saying dumb things. They agree to have a father-daughter dinner together so he can prove that he can be around his lesbian daughter without saying more dumb things. And even though Mariana is grumpy about Armando’s return, she’s pretty happy about Hernan’s acceptance.

Julia and Armando have lunch together. Julia avoids all the hard questions like, “Do you still love me?” Because seeing as she’s in love with Mariana, the answer should theoretically be, “No, I do not.” But Julia is a special and unique snowflake, full of complex emotions, so the answer to this question is an unspoken yes. But she tells Armando that things can’t be as they were before. Armando guesses that there’s someone else.

Armando: What’s the jerk’s name?
Julia: That jerk is named Mariana.

Smoke starts to come out of Armando’s ears and his nostrils flare and he glares and growls and tells Julia to stay away from him.

Instead of going to Mariana’s and telling her, oh, I don’t know, something, Julia goes to her mom’s house and sits around looking emo until Rafaela sits down and tells her that she’ll support all of Julia’s decisions and that she’ll be there for her no matter what, which would seem to me like a perfect moment to come out of the closet. But no.

So, Mariana. You know that dinner she was supposed to have with Hernan? Well, she prepared it but Hernan ends up standing her up.

While Mariana sits in her kitchen all alone, her father and her girlfriend are having dinner with the rest of the Aparicio family.

It takes Hernan all evening to remember that he’s got a daughter that he was supposed to have dinner with, which means he’s going to get a really nasty card for Father’s Day.

Julia spends the night at the Aparicio house, which I don’t understand because she and Mariana should’ve been locked in a bedroom for at least a week.

Armando has put his GPS (Gay Person Stalking) device to good use lately because he seems to find Julia no matter where she is. And so he shows up at the Aparicio house to start a huge fight, which brings all the Aparicios to the yard.

Julia: What are you doing here? I told you not to come back.
Armando: How could I not come back? I have to ask your forgiveness.
Julia: Forgiveness for what? For the way you talked to me or forgiveness for everything or …
Armando: Everything, Julia. Just forgive me, please.
Julia: There. Forgiven. But understand that this has nothing to do with you. You can leave without worries. I can’t believe that you don’t understand that this is something completely independent and that it has nothing to do with you.
Armando: Of course it has something to do with me. It has to do with me 100%. Because of me you’re a lesbian.You hate men.
Julia: No, Armando, you’re very wrong. I can’t believe you’d say so many stupid things in the same sentence! Seriously, don’t think of yourself as so important. I’m not a lesbian nor am I anything because of you!
Armando: It’s a phase.
Julia: What?!
Armando: I understand it! But we can get through it together.
Julia: A phase?
Armando: Yes!

Julia: Together? What are you talking about? I’m going to repeat myself one more time and I hope it’s the last time I have to tell you like this: I’m with Mariana BECAUSE I WANT TO BE WITH MARIANA! Because we love each other!
Ileana: You decided to stay with Mariana?!
Ileana: What?Julia: Thanks a whole lot for coming to ruin everything. Now could you please get out of here and we’ll talk some other time?

Well, that’s one way to come out to your family.

After that colorful outing, Ileana throws a tantrum about Julia being gay while the Aparicio women come down on her for her close-mindedness. Julia just stands there looking pained. She could’ve avoided all this by staying in bed with Mariana. Just saying.

Rafaela tells everyone to STFU.

Rafaela: Are you happy with Mariana?
Julia: (nods)
Rafaela: That’s the only thing that matters. If you’re happy, then the rest of us are happy. And count on all of our support.

Julia cries. Everyone hugs her.

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