“Las Aparicio” recap: Episodes 39-42

Begin Lesbian Processing (Part 1 of Many).

Mariana: Now what?
Julia: Now what? The one that didn’t want to was you.
Mariana: Wait. It’s just not that easy, Julia.
Julia: Well, I know. I know it’s not easy. But we’re already here, Mariana.
Mariana: Here where? Where are we? I don’t know where I am. I’m more lost than ever.
Julia: We are where we want to be.
Mariana: Yeah, but you know what happens sometimes? People think they want to be somewhere and when they get to that place they realize that it’s not the place they wanted to be, and they turn around and leave that place behind like they were never there at all.
Julia: I told you I loved you. And I kissed you. What part of that wasn’t clear?
Mariana: I think neither part. The only thing that was clear to me is that you called Armando beforehand. Don’t you realize there’s a lot to lose, Julia? Your friendship is the most important thing in my life.
Julia: But Armando isn’t here, Mariana. He’s in Spain.
Mariana: Then why do I feel like he’s sitting here between us?

Because he’s never going away, ever. Ever. This conversation goes on until finally Mariana says she’s going to go home because everything is uncomfortable now. Julia tells her she can’t leave because it’s still not safe. She says if she has to she’ll leave Mariana the bed and go sleep in the tub and they can act like nothing happened.

Mariana: We act like nothing happened…
Julia: Well, yeah. We’ll act like nothing happened.
Mariana: Well, if you think that’s possible…here’s your pillow. Enjoy the tub.


Julia: You’re an idiot. You’re not going to let me sleep with you?

Mariana just shakes her head and we’re left with Julia begging.

The next day, we find Julia and Mariana in the kitchen. Julia’s excited about the fish she’s preparing.


Julia: I love fish.
Mariana: Oh really? You love it? I thought I was the only one who loved fish?
Julia: No, I’ve always loved it.
Mariana: Oh yeah? How interesting…

Julia finally catches on that Mariana is trying to make a joke and laughs while calling her crude. Then she yells at her because she’s not dressed for cooking and her hair isn’t up. But Mariana instead says that she wants Julia to let her go home because she has things she wants to check on and she misses her bed. Julia isn’t happy about it but she says yes.

Julia: Just promise me one thing: When you get home and you see that everything’s fine, call me. Before you go to sleep, you call me. And in the morning, when you wake up, you drop me a line so I know that everything’s okay.
Mariana: Okay, Doña Rafaela, whatever you think is best.

Julia replies by throwing food at her. And then Mariana goes to kiss her goodbye but they have an awkward moment of not knowing where exactly to be kissing. Julia goes for the lips and Mariana goes for the cheek and then they laugh nervously.



Over at her apartment, Mariana finds an envelope addressed to her. During the opening credits, we see the man that was in her apartment tape it to the TV. In the envelope, Mariana finds a picture of herself when she was a baby. On the back is a phone number. She stares at it in confusion.

Later, she tries calling her mother but doesn’t reach her. So she decides to dial the number on the back of the picture only she changes her mind and hangs up.

Meanwhile, Julia hangs out with her family and paints her nails with her sisters. She tells them that Mariana doesn’t even want to see her, which I guess is how she interprets Mariana wanting to go back to her apartment. Alma and Mercedes both gasp, “No!” But melodramatic Julia is melodramatic.


Mariana has bigger issues on her plate, though, than whether to see Julia or not. The man who left her the envelope shows up again. And he’s got a little confession to make…


Man: I’m Hernan. I’m your father.

*Insert dramatic music*

*Cue the credits*

And we’re off to episode 42…


We pick things up again with Mariana and Hernan. Mariana is, unsurprisingly, not happy to see her biological father. She tells him the picture of her as a baby didn’t work so what next? He tells her he wants to know a few things, like what her mother gave as an excuse for his departure. Mariana says that her mother said he’d left to a medical convention about Malaria and that he kept extending his stay until one day a woman showed up in his life and he vanished. He tries to tell her that that was not the reason he left and that he tried to contact her and keep in touch. Mariana doesn’t care to listen and asks him what he wants from her.

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