“Las Aparicio” recap: Episodes 39-42

Over at Mariana’s, another hooded fellow is stalking her.


Oh, dear, who could that be?

At the gallery cafe, Ileana advices Julia to think about herself instead of thinking about Mariana and Armando. So they try an exercise during which Ileana asks Julia to tell her a childhood memory that made her happy. Julia digs deep and shares a memory about her father standing up to her mother. She says that even though he died immediately after that, the memory makes her really happy because it was the first time she’d heard her father stand up to her mom.

Ileana looks at her like, “Dude, you have issues.”


Speaking of issues and fathers, Gaby is having lunch with her dad and he tells her that he doesn’t like Mariana and that he doesn’t want her hanging out with her anymore. Oh, okay, Daddy. Whatever you say, Daddy.

So because Gaby has zero backbone, she goes on to break up with Mariana. “Daddy forbid me to see you again” I think scores high on the list of Lamest Reasons Ever to Break Up With Someone When You’re An Adult. Mariana thinks so, too, which is why when Gaby suggests that maybe they can try again some time in the distant, distant future, when they’re old and gray, Mariana’s like, “Ummm… suuure. NOT.”


On the plus side, now Mariana is free to pine over Julia again. And with Gaby out of the picture, we now get this:


Julia tells Mariana that she talked to Armando and that it doesn’t sound like he’s doing very well. Mariana couldn’t care less about poor Armando, so she changes the subject and asks Julia how she’s doing. Julia, who never knows how’s she’s doing, changes the subject and asks Mariana how she’s doing, what with the Gaby thing.

Mariana: I don’t know. I’m a little sad, to tell you the truth. It’s weird. It’s not like … she’s not the love of my life but it’s not the story I was expecting when I was at the beach. I don’t know. I’m disappointed. It’s mostly that. I thought that at some point she’d tell her father.
Julia: But, try to understand her. There’s a lot of things that are difficult to say out loud.


What ever could you mean, Julia?

While this is happening, the hooded fellow from earlier is now sneaking into Mariana’s apartment.


He walks all around. He looks at photographs. He looks through her mail. He kisses a picture of Mariana and Dany. And he finds Mariana’s passport. Not at all creepy behavior. No.

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