“Las Aparicio” recap: Episodes 31-38


In episode 37, Mercedes tries to convince Mariana to get Gaby on board with the lawsuit. So, Mariana and Julia go together to Gaby’s house to try and convince her. But Gaby is freaked out at having them there and she is totally opposed to the idea of the lawsuit because she doesn’t see what good it will do beyond ruining her life.

Julia continues to dislike (read: be jealous of) Gaby which only serves to ignite more arguments with Mariana. And at one point they have another Legendary Argument.

It all starts out innocently enough. Mariana is talking about how she’s unloved in the world because her family wants nothing to do with her. And even though Julia insists that her own family loves her, Mariana says that las Aparicio are only a loan. Julia tells her she’s not alone because she has her and that she cares a lot about what happens to Mariana.

Mariana: Yeah, I suppose the good thing of all this is that I have Gaby.
Julia: What? Gaby?! Let’s see, who was the one that was with you when Gaby the closet-case, didn’t have the guts to tell her father… it was me, no?
Mariana: Who are you to call her a closet-case? You don’t know what a closet is, what it means to be in one and much less what it means to come out of one.
Julia: Well yeah, I’ll call her a closet-case because that’s what she is. Well, that’s what I saw at least when she told him, “Daddy, I’d like to introduce you to my friends from the biology school.” She lacks the balls to be with you.
Mariana: Balls? What do you even know about having balls? About the cost of coming out of the closet and the things you have to face for the rest of your life. What I’ve had to deal with. Sure, for you it’s super easy to talk about balls when you’ve got the entire Aparicio army behind you.
Julia: What Aparicio army? Why don’t you just admit that –
Mariana: ENOUGH! Enough! Stop talking about Gaby. How do you know her father won’t react even worse than the guy that beat me?
Julia: Oh, poor her. Why don’t you take pity on me, instead. I’m trying to come out of the closet and I’m here with you, Mariana.
Mariana: Oh, Julia, please. What closet? Your only issues is jealousy of any man, woman or dog that dares take a piss on your territory. It’s what you did with Armando and now you’re doing it with me. It’s not fair.

And that’s Julia’s cue to make a dramatic exit.

Later on, Julia has a sit-down with Rafaela, where she admits that she acted horribly with Mariana and that she feels terrible. So she goes to see Mariana to apologize, but instead of Mariana, she finds Gaby there. They just stare awkwardly at each other for a long while.

Mariana isn’t home because she went to Mercedes’ office to officially say that she was going through with the lawsuit. Mercedes and Claudio are both very pleased with the decision.

In episode 38, we start off with Julia and Gaby hanging out. Gaby makes Julia some coffee but says she couldn’t find the sugar, so Julia kind of smugly tells her where it is. Gaby goes to get it and Julia apologizes for having been unfair with her at her house and pressuring her into the lawsuit. Gaby says she understands and that she’s the one that feels terrible because she should be with Mariana, but that she’s really scared of her father. That he’s not a very open-minded man and she doesn’t know what his reaction will be.

Mariana arrives and she’s happy to see Julia and they apologize to each other and then we’re treated to more hugsex.




But for Julia the hugsex ends too early and she’s left feeling really left out and unsatisfied, because Mariana goes off to greet Gaby. And this whole threesome business is not working for Julia at all. Gaby gives Mariana her own coffee and Julia just kind of stands there looking grumpy and annoyed, probably thinking, “I would’ve given her my coffee, too. So there. And I knew were the sugar was. Hmph.”


Next day, the whole Aparicio army wants to go to the police station with Mercedes, Julia and Mariana to file the lawsuit. But Mercedes insists that they don’t need everyone going along too. It’s quite cute though all the women being protective of Mariana.

At the office, Mariana and Mercedes file the complaint while Gaby and Julia hang out outside the cubicle. Gaby laments the fact that she isn’t there with Mariana and Julia does her best to be supportive and tell her it’s not her fault.


Julia: Don’t put all this pressure on yourself. Mariana understands your situation and she supports you.
Gaby: That’s how Mariana is, no? Brave, understanding …

Julia just stares longingly through the cubicle window.

Gaby: So what happened between you two? Why didn’t it work out?
Julia: What? You think Mariana and I …
Gaby: Well yeah, I just thought … well it’s just in the way you treat each other and you know each other so, so well…
Julia: Yeah but no … no no … we’re just best friends. We’ve known each other since we were kids.
Gaby: So then, between the two of you, you’ve never…
Julia: No. No … in fact, I’m not even gay.
Gaby: Oh! I’m sorry!
Julia: No, it’s okay. I’m not offended. Besides, if I were gay I wouldn’t have any issues with admitting it.

Hahahaha!!! *coughcoughcough* Ha…. I think her nose just grew three inches.

But the lie serves to inspire Gaby into action and she walks right into the office and tells Mercedes that she’d also like to join in on the lawsuit.

And then afterwards, Mariana is gushing over how brave Gaby is and how amazing it was that she did that, while Julia stands there looking like she wants the ground to swallow her up.


You’re not gay at all, Julia. No.

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