“Las Aparicio” recap: Episodes 31-38


In episode 33, Ileana has the brilliant idea that she’s going to solve their problems (her own problem is that she’s trying to get over Mauro, the escort she was dating that she didn’t know was an escort and still don’t know is an escort) by finding them some men online.

Julia’s not into the idea and Ileana passes her the laptop, frustrated that Julia doesn’t like any of the guys she has found her. Julia gladly accepts the laptop because she wanted to check Mariana’s Facebook profile. There she finds that Mariana is actually having a great time at the beach and Ileana points out that Mariana’s relationship status has changed to “in a relationship.”

Julia, of course, gets super emo and upset about it. Because of course now that Mariana is seemingly unattainable, well her confusion is all cleared up.

But let’s move swiftly on to episode 34, where we kick things off with Julia staring longingly at Mariana’s Facebook page.


Aurelia: (opening narration) … a woman can get tangled in contradictions, fight to find clarity, but suddenly, in the intimateness of silence the truth surfaces and there, one must take it.


Later on, Nosy Ileana is asking Julia if she’s sent Mariana any messages. Julia says no. That Mariana doesn’t even know that Julia is back in Mexico. Ileana is surprised but Julia says that her mother told her something important and that’s that she had been selfish and that she should let Mariana have some happiness and peace for a while. Ileana thinks it’s a good thing that Mariana is in a relationship (even though Julia is all sarcastic about it) because it means Julia can return to Spain to be with Armando or continue her search for her One True Love on cyberspace. Julia just makes a joke about it and then they leave for work.

At the cafe, while Ileana reads off more potential True Love profiles, Julia starts to see lesbians everywhere.


And then, because she’s sooo not gay or anything, she imagines that the two girls are Mariana and herself.


I’d like to order more of that, please.

Also, yay! Mariana! You’ve been missed. Even hallucinated Mariana is better than no Mariana at all.

A little while later, Alma comes by the café and sees that Julia is all pissy/anxious/emo/full of complex feelings so she asks her back to her office for a chat.


Alma: What’s wrong? Tell me all about it.
Julia: Mariana went off to the beach and met someone.
Alma: Mmmm. And how does that make you feel?
Julia: Bad. You know what sucks the most? That ever since I found out, Mariana stopped being a source of confusion for me.
Alma: *sigh/eyeroll*

Alma’s reaction made me laugh. I tried to screencap it but it just makes her look kind of crazy so just imagine Alma sighing and rolling her eyes at the same time.

Poor Julia. Always wanting what she can’t have.

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