“Las Aparicio” recap: Episodes 31-38


So Julia doesn’t do much growing up. She is, however, on a mission to find Mariana, because she has no idea where Mariana went. She goes as far as calling Mariana’s mother in the U.S. only to have a frustrating conversation with Mariana’s stepfather that leads nowhere useful.

Rafaela then tells Julia that she needs to get a life and a job and do something with her life. You know, out there in the real world.

So new, improved, independent Julia goes … to Alma. Alma wisely points out that it seems counterproductive to venture out on your own only to come seek aid from your older sister, but Julia begs and Alma’s heart is too good and soft to turn her baby sis down. So she gives Julia a job working side by side with Ileana at the gallery’s café.


The virginal homophobe and the confused lesbisexual working together! It’s like the blind leading the blinder. With pastries.

The two of them have hilariously nonsensical conversations that they both take super seriously because they both take themselves and their situations super seriously. Let’s explore one of these conversations.

Ileana: If you miss him so much, why did you come back?
Julia: I don’t know. Maybe I caught the Jamaicón Villegas Syndrome.
Ileana: Who’s that?
Julia: Jamaicón Villegas. You don’t know who that is?
Ileana: No.
Julia: Jamaicón Villegas was a soccer player. They took him to play in Europe and after two weeks he was like, “Oh, I want my mommy, I want my country,” and he ran back home. That’s what happened to me. You understand. The same thing happened to you.
Ileana: Well yeah, but I lasted a long time over there. You barely got off the plane and then returned.
Julia: Yeah but who cares? Three days. Three years. Who cares? When you miss something you miss it.
Ileana: And wouldn’t it be that you came back because you missed Mariana?



Julia: That too.
Ileana: Are you a lesbian, yes or no?
Julia: (after a very long pause) No.
Ileana: So then you love Armando.
Julia: (after a very long pause) Yes. But I also feel something really strong for Mariana.
Ileana: Well of course you feel something very strong for Mariana. She’s your best friend. Or … what? Because she’s a lesbian she’s contaminating you?
Julia: (annoyed) No she’s not contaminating me. And she’s not confusing me or anything. And what does it matter about being a lesbian? It’s not that. What confuses me is what I feel when I’m with her. That’s what confuses me.
Ileana: Okay but do you feel something physical or emotional?


Ileana: Ugh. I can’t deal with this.
: What’s wrong with you?
Ileana: I can’t even look at you.
Julia: Oh stop it. You’ve spent this entire time asking me things, you gossip queen. And you haven’t turned into a stone, as far as I can tell.
Ileana: (turning around) Did you sleep with her?
Julia: No!!! Stop it. Stop asking me these things. Someone is going to hear us. I’m very confused. And I don’t know anything. I don’t know if I’m a vegetarian or heterosexual or man or woman or chimera. I don’t know. You understand? I’m very confused because I feel like I’m in love with two people and that’s enough confusion to be upset so please don’t add to it.
Ileana: Just answer me something.
Julia: Now what?
Ileana: (very seriously) I’m not going to have to go with you to gay pride parades, am I?

I love how serious Ileana is about it.

Anyway, these are the sort of conversations the two of them have for the next three episodes or so because Mariana is still not anywhere to be found. I had hoped that a few episodes without Mariana would be enough to help Julia reach some kind of growth or clarity but she gets absolutely nowhere. She’s still confused. She still doesn’t know what she wants, etc., etc.

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