“Las Aparicio” recap: Episodes 31-38


In a related subplot, Mercedes’ daughter, Isadora, was called a dyke at school and she stood up to the kids and hit one for calling her that. And also called them a bunch of schizophrenics. She brings up the story during lunch after making a toast to the dykes at the table, which is quite cute and hilarious. She’s all very matter of fact about it. I’m happy that she stopped being the bratty kid she was at the beginning of the show, cause she’s turned out to be quite adorable.


Isadora: I’m brave like Mariana.

Mariana toasts Isadora for being so courageous and smart.

After lunch, Mariana is still gushing about Gaby and walks her to the front gate, while Julia watches on from the balcony in emo-scented bitterness.


Rafaela and Aurelia walk up and Julia tells them that Gaby thought she was gay. They kind of gasp as if it’s some big surprise. Julia walks off in a huff.

Aurelia: How strange. Do you think it’s the clothes?

Hee! <3

Later still, Mariana and Julia are hanging out on Julia’s bed. Julia’s all sorts of grumpy and Mariana says she’s gonna go stay at a hotel.

Julia: No. How are you going to go to a hotel? Mercedes said that this was the safest place for you to be and so here you’re going to stay.
Mariana: Well, yeah, but I feel really uncomfortable and I feel like you’re really uncomfortable and I don’t understand what’s going on with you. Is it because of Gaby?
Julia: (getting out of bed) What does Gaby have to do with anything? Why do you have to bring her up? And what makes you think there’s anything going on with me?
Mariana: Oh please. I’ve known you since the days when you swallowed crayons. You’ve got something.
Julia: Yep. It’s a crayon. Want me to tell you where?

Julia brings Mariana a fresh change of clothes and Mariana gets annoyed that Julia keeps changing the subject.

Mariana: Julia! Julia!
Julia: What??
Mariana: Look, you haven’t talked to Armando, you haven’t drank coffee and you’re acting like a maniac. Something’s wrong.
Julia: You know what? I have a great foam for the bath that smells delicious and the water’s hot so either you get in or I get in.
Mariana: Hey! In good faith, let’s talk honestly.
Julia: Okay, let’s talk honestly. Why don’t you tell me to my face what you really think of me. That you think I’m a lesbian bitch who didn’t have the same guts as Gaby. You think I am not capable of doing the same thing that she did?
Mariana: Look, what Gaby did implies a lot of things and it deserves respect. But .. I don’t know … I think you’re a very brave woman, but it’s very different. One thing has nothing to do with the other.

Julia does not like that answer at all. And we’re left with this look:


After which point, Julia walks off to the bathroom, leaving Mariana frustrated and confused.

Grr. Argh.

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