“Las Aparicio” recap: Episodes 25-30


But as luck would have it, my friends, she arrives about two seconds too late. As her taxi pulls up to the Aparicio household, Julia’s taxi drives off to the airport.


Aurelia (voice-over): The romantic goodbye didn’t come to pass the way our lonely heroes had predicted. There was no plane in the middle of a fog, no shout of, “DON’T LEAVE!!” No, “I love you, too…”


… now all that remains is filling the great void left behind by the youngest of the Aparicio sisters. And to trust that the parachute Rafaela gave her is large enough to land her safely so far away from home.

Indeed, Julia left to Spain. And we begin episode 30 with Julia’s voice on the phone as she checks in with her family. She says everything’s great and life is great, but the tone of her voice says otherwise.

Later in the episode, Rafaela calls to check up on Mariana and Mariana seems to be barely holding it together. She’s trying, for the sake of appearances, to seem as if everything’s wonderful and that she’s busy and everything’s fine. Rafaela knows otherwise, but she’s not going to try and challenge Mariana’s claims. So, instead, she reminds Mariana over and over that she’s like a daughter to her and that the Aparicio home is still Mariana’s home and that she expects Mariana to come by and visit soon.

Mariana does come by to visit a few hours later. She brings by some pots and pans that she’d borrowed. Little does she know that while she’s at Rafaela’s, Julia is leaving her another message on her machine.

Julia: Mariana, I don’t know what I’m doing. I’m crazy. My mom told me that it would happen to me again and I didn’t want to believe her. And now here I am. Did I tell you what happened with the costume? I don’t know why I bought the fairy one and then later I cried because I wanted the ballerina one. Rafaela knew it. I want the ballerina one, Mariana. I want … damnit… I don’t know what I’m doing.

But Mariana is at Rafaela’s, her emotions hanging on by a thread. She claims that she’s been really busy and has all this stuff going on. Aurelia believes it no problem and Rafaela still doesn’t challenge her but you can tell she knows differently. Mariana rushes to leave and Rafaela tries to stop her but Mariana insists she has somewhere to be. So Aurelia invites her to dinner on Sunday. And Mariana agrees. As she walks away, Rafaela reminds her that this is her home. Mariana turns her back so Rafaela won’t see her cry.


Later on, we get a pleasant surprise in the form of…


Why yes! That is Julia. She just got off a Magical Teleportation Device that brought her back from Spain in record time. She steps into Mariana’s apartment, but sadly, Mariana isn’t there. In fact the apartment is kind of empty.

Julia walks around the apartment and hits play on Mariana’s messages and listens to the voice-mail message she left earlier. And she wanders into Mariana’s room and sits on the bed, and waits.


You know what this spells? It spells D-O-O-M. Because where is Mariana? Probably running off to join a lesbian retreat. When she returns, she’ll probably be in love with someone else. And we’ll have to go through this all over again. #sufrocomomariana

I would like a drink now.

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