“Las Aparicio” recap: Episodes 25-30

Later on, Julia has a heart-to-heart with Alma about all of her "feelings" for Mariana.


Alma tells her that it’s normal for two friends to fight because it makes saying goodbye a lot easier.

Julia: Yeah, but it’s not just that.
Alma: Well talk to me. Tell me what happened.
Julia: The other day there was a situation… something happened while we were drunk. And when we realized what we were doing we stopped. Although I don’t suppose that should have a lot of importance, or should it?
Alma: Well that all depends on the importance you give it. You’re telling me about it for a reason, no? How did you feel?
Julia: I don’t know. I haven’t been able to think about it or process it. We’ve known each other for so long. Our whole lives. I know her and she knows me…
: You’ve always been really close, maybe…
Julia: Yes. I thought that, too, at first. We’re so close that the lines that divide things start to get blurry but … that doesn’t explain that I look at her and I can see myself with her and not like a best friend. Does that make sense?
Alma: And have you talked to her about it?
Julia: No, we always avoid the subject. But yesterday I was so stressed and confused that I started to push her and push her and push her until I made her tell me and after she told me I didn’t know what to say. I didn’t know if it was possible to go back.
Alma: What did she tell you?
Julia: That she’s in love with me.
Alma: And how did you feel?
Julia: Really happy. I felt nauseated. I felt like vomiting. I felt like running away. But at the same time I really wanted to say it back.
Alma: That you love her?


Julia: (nods)
Alma: And Armando?
Julia: There’s the problem.
Alma: So what are you going to do? Are you still leaving with him?
Julia: Yes. Yes, I’m going to go with him. Because I suppose I love him, but after all of this that has been going on, I don’t know … I don’t understand anything. I don’t know how any of this happened or what it means.
Alma: It means you’re a beautiful, sensible, lucky woman that’s in a very unlucky situation. You’re in love with two people. And that, obviously, is going to scare you a lot.
Julia: In love with my boyfriend and my best friend.
Alma: In love, period. Doesn’t matter with who. What matters is the emotions. And surely, society and your heart are demanding that you make a decision and that’s enough to scare anyone, little sister.

And that’s it for episode 28. Though we get a shot of Mariana sleeping alone in her bed, no doubt having emodreams.

Episode 29 marks the day of Julia’s departure to Spain. So the entire Aparicio household (and the house itself) is in mourning. But Julia’s in chipper spirits and her sisters and cousins are all excited for her. Rafaela is the only one that’s doom and gloom about the whole thing.

We move on to Mariana, who’s giving a monologue in front of the camera:


Well, the rollercoaster has ended. And the only thing that remains is this damn nausea. Today is the day we say goodbye and I have two plans. Two pretty terrible plans. Plan A: I arrive at the airport, running. There’s a heavy fog and the engines of the plane are already going and I yell, with my soul in my hands, “Julia! Don’t leave! You love me and you haven’t realized it! Plan B: I have her in my arms and I tell her, “Julia, we’ll always have–”

And then Armando calls and interrupts. Bastard.

Later on, Armando shows up at Mariana’s to bring her some beer and clear the air between them or something. He thanks her for not telling Julia – but I’m not sure what he’s referring to. Did I miss something? My first thought was that he was thanking her for not telling Julia that she’s in love with her. But maybe it’s something else. Mariana assures him that Julia loves him and that she’s leaving with him and that’s that. Armando leaves. And Mariana hates him along with the rest of us.

Later on, Julia decides to call up Mariana after days of not bothering to pick up the phone. Mariana lets the machine pick up and Julia leaves the following message:

Mariana, answer me. I know you probably don’t even want to see me. Everything became so complicated and I’m so scared of losing you. Forgive me, Mariana, seriously. I know it was my fault. That I pushed you to tell me and that when you said it I left you hanging without saying anything because I was speechless. I didn’t want to but I didn’t know how to say it back to you and I just wanted to tell you–

And then the message cuts off because the memory on the voice-mail box is full. Mariana’s like, “No no no no no no no no no!!!!” And picks up the phone but Julia’s not there anymore.


Mariana spends the rest of the day replaying that message over and over, yelling, “WHAT DID YOU WANT TO TELL ME?!” at it, until she finally decides to get off her butt and go see Julia.

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