“Las Aparicio” recap: Episodes 25-30


Sadly, this advice does nothing to deter Julia from her decision to move to Spain. But there is another totally awesome scene toward the end of the episode. Mariana shows up at Julia’s again, carrying a box of stuff that Julia left at her apartment. She sits on the bed and takes out a CD from the box. She asks Julia if she remembers it and Julia says that she does. That it was their only source of music on a road trip they took and that it turned out to be scratched.

The memory sparks Julia’s curiosity about what else is in the box, so she sits on the bed and takes a peek inside while Mariana looks at her like this:


And then Julia looks at Mariana like this:


And then this conversation happens:

Julia: Why does it hurt me so much?
Mariana: I don’t know. You’re leaving your mom, your family. It’s hard.
Julia: No. No, I don’t think that’s why. (long pause) Why is it you that hurts me so much? I mean, it shouldn’t be too hard because you can go visit me and I can come back. We’re not going to die. So then why do I feel like we’re ending? You and I, what are we, Mariana? Are we friends? Are we sisters? Or what?
Mariana: We’re friends, Julia. Friends and nothing more.
Julia: Then why did you tell me what you told me yesterday? That you didn’t want me to leave.
Mariana: Don’t ask me something you already know.
Julia: No, I don’t know.
Mariana: Please don’t make me say it. For what?
Julia: Tell me. Please.
Mariana: I love you, Julia.

And then Mariana hugs her.


And Julia looks like this:



But then what happens? THEN, Julia goes to Armando’s apartment and practically tears his clothes off.

Misplaced sexual frustration, Julia. You has it.

In episode 28, Julia has managed to bury her feelings for Mariana under a big pile of denial and is now projecting those emotions onto Armando. So the two of them are now nauseatingly lovey-dovey.

They eventually drop by Rafaela’s, all excited about the house they’re going to have in Spain and the location and the school Julia’s going to go to. And they go on and on and Rafaela looks at them like this:


This face reads: “I know that what you’re saying is total bullsh*t but I’m going to humor you anyway because you’re my daughter and I love you.”

Armando then leaves and Julia’s all, “What do you think, mom? It’s incredible, no?”

Julia: I’m really excited about the school and the apartment and the city. All the new things…
Rafaela: Ahuh…
Julia: I think it’s incredible to start life anew, to be with Armando as often as possible and concentrate on our relationship. I think it’s super important and I’m really happy.
Rafaela: Are you telling me that to convince me or to convince yourself?
Julia: It’s not because of that, mom! I’m saying it because I want to share it with you. It’s not to convince me or convince you or convince anyone! Can’t you please support me in this decision I already made? It would be incredible if you could.
Rafaela: I think … that everything you’re saying is so you believe it yourself. Are you believing it?

Irritated by the Slap of Things She Doesn’t Want To Hear, Julia walks off in a flurry of sarcasm. And Rafaela returns to her book.



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