“Las Aparicio” recap: Episodes 25-30


Mariana says that for sure she’s going to be walking around one day and will meet someone just like her and become friends. And then she and Julia start faking Spanish accents and using Spanish slang and overall goofing around.

Julia: Don’t make me laugh. It makes me want to leave less.
: Oh, well, in that case, I have to make you laugh.

And Mariana grabs Julia and starts tickling her. Lesbian Foreplay 101.



After that, though, everything goes downhill because Armando goes on the radio to announce to the world that he’s in love with Julia Aparicio and that he’s going to be a one-woman man from here on out and that he loves Julia and only Julia and blah blah blah. And the whole family – Mariana included – sits around the Aparicio kitchen listening in. Julia is pretty horrified so she runs off to go yell at Armando.

But you know what ends up happening? This:


And then, of course, Julia makes up her mind to go to Spain.

Sadly, I have no idea what happens exactly in episode 26 because I can’t seem to find the Julia and Mariana scenes. But from what I understand, there’s a scene in which Rafaela vaguely and cryptically suggests to Mariana that she tell Julia not to go to Spain. Julia asks Mariana to come to Spain with her, but Mariana just begs Julia not to go.

In episode 27, there is an awesome scene in which Julia is packing and Rafaela comes into the bedroom.

Julia tells her mother how Mariana got mad at her and kept insisting that she not leave to Spain instead of considering her offer to come to Spain with her and Armando.

Rafaela: And do you know why it is you’re leaving?
Julia: Well yes, Mom, to be with Armando.
Rafaela: Mmm. Well, it’s good that’s the reason. Here I thought you were just running away from what’s happening between you and Mariana.


Julia: What’s happening… What’s happening, mom?
Rafaela: You know.
Julia: Nothing is happening! Mariana is my best friend and Armando is my boyfriend and yes, obviously, I’m going to miss her because I’m always with her. She’s my best friend. And I would like to have them both together near me all the time and I’ve realized that’s not going to happen. I’ve accepted it.

Rafaela is totally like, “Mmmhmm, whatever.” And looks around the stuff Julia has on her bed. And she finds a wand.


Rafaela: Do you remember when you bought this wand?
Julia: Yes. It was my first birthday after the death of my dad, no?
Rafaela: Yes. You spent hours and hours at the store trying to decide if you wanted to buy the fairy costume or the ballerina costume.
Julia: Well don’t make fun of me. That was a truly difficult decision.
Rafaela: Yeah, when you arrived home you started to cry uncontrollably.
Julia: Well what can I tell you? I got home and I realized that I didn’t like the fairy costume as much as the ballerina one. People make mistakes, no?
Rafaela: Yes, but I just don’t want the same thing to happen again. That when you get to Spain you’ll realize that the costume you really wanted … is the ballerina one.

Motherly advice for the win! 

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