“Las Aparicio” recap: Episodes 18-20


Later on, Julia shows up at Mariana’s and Mariana looks sort of torn between wanting to kick Julia out and being happy to be around her again. Mixed feelings, she has them. But Julia is looking all pouty and apologetic and comes bearing edible peace-offerings and Mariana gives up trying to be angry.

Julia: I’m glad that you like them because I really don’t want my best friend to be angry with me and I miss her. Do you still hate me?
Mariana: I never hated you, Julia.
Julia: Good, because you have no idea how much I miss you.

And then comes the Hug of Complicated Emotions:

And then we have a smiley lesbian and a smiley confused lesbisexual again, which just fills my heart with joy.

Mariana: So what’s new?
Julia: Nothing. Just that Armando and I are over.

Mariana’s day just got like a zillion times better.

Julia: The compulsive cheater could not forgive one infidelity of mine.
Mariana: (after a long pause during which she registers the following: Julia is now single but Armando did the dumping but hey he’s out of the picture and I’m not) Well … let’s make cookies, no?

And Mariana sits back and enjoys the moment.

That’s the last we see of Mariana, but later on we see Julia moving her things out of Armando’s apartment and she looks sad and melancholic and thinks back on the two or three times when they were happy. And then eventually goes back to Rafaela’s.

Is it the last we’ll see of Armando? Doubtful. But it’s still nice to feel optimistic.

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