“Las Aparicio” recap: Episodes 18-20

There, Julia has a heart-to-heart with Rafaela but it’s mostly all about Armando and really just a lot of the same stuff over and over. She feels bad, she feels guilty, she doesn’t want to feel bad or guilty, why is love so complicated, she doesn’t know what to do, etc.

Then Julia goes to talk to Armando and tells him that she slept with someone, and at first he flies off the handle thinking it was Mariana she slept with, but Julia tells him it was some random guy. This doesn’t go over any better. And Armando is pissed.

Meanwhile, Mariana is still splashing around in the Pit of Lesbian Despair.

She stands there imagining Julia with the guy, on her bed.

And then she tosses the sheets off the bed and cries out and looks generally miserable.

Poor Mariana. Who wants to go comfort her?

Episode 19 brings us no good news. Armando and Julia continue to argue because Armando can’t forgive Julia for sleeping with someone else, insisting it’s different for him if he does it because he’s got a medical problem. Meanwhile, Mariana ignores all of Julia’s phone calls and generally returns to Emo Land.

But then episode 20 rolls around and we get some better news.

The Las Aparicio sisters stay up all night exchanging tales of woe with each other. And the next morning, Rafaela insists that Julia return home (to Armando’s) and try to fix things instead of hiding out.

So Julia goes and tries to patch things up with Armando. But he is really angry and non-responsive and still insistent that the situation is different for him because he’s sick and she’s not. And that all he can do is imagine her with another man and that he can’t deal with it. Blah blah double-standards blah.

So Armando tells Julia to move out.

Later on, Julia shows up at Mariana’s and Mariana looks sort of torn between wanting to kick Julia out and being happy to be around her again. Mixed feelings, she has them. But Julia is looking all pouty and apologetic and comes bearing edible peace-offerings and Mariana gives up trying to be angry.

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