“Las Aparicio” recap: Episodes 14-17

In episode 17, we start the Julia/Mariana/Armando fun with another fight between Julia and Armando. This time the fight happens because Armando refuses to go to the sex therapy session. And then it escalates because when Julia pulls the scarf Armando is wearing off his neck, she discovers a hickey. Yep. Indeed, Mr. Sex Addiction is back to his old ways. Which naturally sends Julia back to Mariana’s.

At Mariana’s, Randomness & Chaos: A Post-Modern Love Story is now in rehearsal mode. It stars Mariana as the therapist. Julia as the abstinent wife of a sex-addicted soccer player. And a break-out performance by a broom in the role of the sex-addicted soccer player.

Personally, I think they could just get rid of Armando altogether and keep the broom.

Mariana: Julia and I have been talking about your sex addiction and we’re wondering how your addiction and the abstinence affects you.

Julia’s like, Waaaaait a minute.

Julia: What do you mean how it affects him? He’s the addict. And the one that is abstaining is me. How is it going to affect him?
Mariana: Julia, please. Let Armando talk.

Julia: I’m not letting him talk. Today he doesn’t get to talk. Because to me, it’s like he’s made of wood.

Mariana starts laughing but then goes back into character and brings up the subject of love. They keep talking about sex and the addiction, but what about love? How come they don’t communicate about that.

Julia: We do communicate. It’s just that the only place where we communicate is in bed because outside of there the love becomes … how to explain … complicated.
Mariana: Don’t you think it should be pleasant?
Julia: What? Love? Ugh. Love should be deep. But the two of us live each day … like … on the surface. Because if we lived every day in the depths we would have already lost our minds.
Mariana: That’s what your love with Armando is like?
Julia: Yes. I think so.

Later on, Randomness & Chaos has been put to rest for a little while and the girls are getting ready for a night out. Julia is trying on clothes while insisting that she’s not returning to Armando’s house just so they can get into another stupid fight or so she can find another hickey on his neck or another woman in his bed. Tonight she just wants to dance and dance and dance and expend some of the sexual energy because all the abstinence is killing her. And she rambles on about what the therapist said, which forces Mariana to stop her.

Mariana: Okay, okay. You don’t need to explain anymore. I get it all. You want to go dancing? We go dancing. You don’t want to hook up with someone? Perfect. And if suddenly you get that guilty feeling and want to return to Armando’s in the middle of the night … whatever you want. Let’s get going though.

Julia teases Mariana for enjoying the therapist’s role so much and asks her to tell her, if she’s so wise, what it is she needs. Mariana says, “Well what you need might sound a little vulgar…” And Julia starts laughing and throwing things at her.

Why aren’t they together already?

Later, Armando calls Julia as Julia and Mariana are headed out for their night on the town. Julia ignores the phone call to Mariana’s surprise.

On the other end of the line, Armando gives up trying to contact Julia and instead calls up some random woman and asks what she’s up to that night.

And that, my friends, is were we leave things. For now.

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