“Las Aparicio” recap: Episodes 14-17


Later on, the two of them are still hanging out in Mariana’s apartment, working on the script for their project. Mariana is the therapist and she asks Julia how she feels when Armando sleeps with other women. Julia starts to answer something sarcastic and Mariana asks her to honestly answer the question.

Julia: Honestly? Honestly, I don’t even know what I feel. At times it feels really awful and unforgivable. But then I ask myself what’s wrong with me and why do I get so upset? If he wants to sleep with the whole world, let him. After all, the only one he really loves is me, no?

… but all of this I think about when I start to want sex. Then my mind starts inventing all sorts of justifications so that I can just forgive him and for everything to be fine. But that doesn’t work. Monogamous and abstinent. I’m screwed.

Mariana: Nah, not at all. Because you know what’s worse than all of that?

Julia: Hmm?

Mariana: Being alone.

Julia: You’re not alone.

And then they look into each other’s eyes and Mariana looks all hopeful and then …

Julia: I have to go. There’s that dinner at my mom’s.

And she pulls away and gets up. And that sound you hear? That’s the sound of Mariana’s heart shattering all over the place.

Julia invites Mariana to the dinner but Mariana says no. Julia asks if they’ll talk tomorrow to which Mariana says yes. Julia blows her a kiss and leaves.

And we’re left alone with emo Mariana.

Being a lesbian is hard, but being a lesbian in a Mexican soap opera is brutal.

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