“Las Aparicio” recap: Episodes 14-17

There’s not a lot of Julia/Mariana interaction in the first couple of episodes. Just a lot of Armando and Julia fighting and Mariana being alone and emo.

During the Mother’s Day episode (episode 16), Mariana wakes up (naked) next to some random girl she picked up.

And Armando and Julia get into a huge fight about the usual matter (the sex addiction). Armando storms off and Julia goes off to spend the day with Mariana.

So we get a scene with the two of them out shopping and talking about Mariana’s mother (who lives in the U.S. with her boyfriend Frank), and Julia tells her she needs a mother and that she’s happy to share her own because Mariana’s mother is not mother enough while Rafaela is too much mother. And they joke and talk and walk and look at flowers.

Later on, they hang out in Mariana’s apartment. Mariana asks Julia why she’s putting up with everything when Armando is the sex addict, not Julia.

Julia: Yes. He’s addicted to sex. And I’m addicted to him. That’s the problem.

Mariana’s reaction is this:

Julia goes on to say that she either puts up with the abstinence and all the craziness or she loses him. Mariana says she understands because that’s what happened with Dany. And now she’s alone. And the worst part is that she gave everything to the wrong person.

Julia: See? That’s what I’ve been telling you. Why does everything have to be so complicated? It’s like Russian Roulette. Because with sex you already know that if you touch here or you touch there well this happens or that happens. No? But with love? What? …

Julia: …Why so … so complicated? So chaotic? It’s like randomness and chaos.
Mariana: Randomness and chaos. Oooh! I’ve got it! Randomness and Chaos: A Post-Modern Love Story.
Julia: No! (laughing)
Mariana: Yes. Two aspiring actresses. One of them a lesbian. Lesbian, who can’t deal with it anymore because she doesn’t know how tell the person she loves how she really feels …



Mariana: (cont’d) … and another, heterosexual, who suffers from Sexual Abstinence Syndrome because she’s married to a sex-addicted soccer player. Ha! There’s our gold mine.

And even though Mariana’s kidding, Julia thinks it’s a brilliant idea.

Why aren’t they making out already? Oh, right. Soap opera.

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