Ladies shine and sing at the Oscars


And just when the night seems to be picking up thanks to the never-ending charm of JLaw, Daniel Day-Lewis proves he’s more than just method. He’s damn funny, too. As Meryl Streep presents him with his trophy – the only man to have won three Best Actor awards – he quips that he did a one-for-one role swap with. He joked he was originally slated to play Thatcher and her Lincoln.

The night’s biggest and last honor was presented by Jack Nicholson by way of First Lady Michelle Obama. The FLOTUS’ surprise via satellite appearance was exciting, but also a little puzzling. But who cares, there were FLOTUS arms and it worked for me.

The award itself went to Argo and brought producers and fellow beard enthusiasts Ben Affleck and George Clooney on the stage together. The bear community had a good night as Clooney, Affleck, Cooper, Jackman, Chris Pine, Joaquin Phoenix, Paul Rudd and Chris Evans all opted to get their inner grizzly man out.

The poor Cheno comes on stage to sing the awkward closing song “Here’s to the Losers” over the closing credits. And it only took three hours and 33 minutes.

And now, on to what you really care about, the dresses.

p.s. This what JLaw’s full dress looked like. No wonder she J-Fell.

So, thoughts on this year’s awards, winners, fashions? Next year, let’s just have Tina Fey and Amy Poehler host this thing like Shatner suggested.

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