L.A. Scene November ’09: Out and About Bus Tour, GLAAD Tidings and Girlbar


GLAAD Tidings Season’s Greenings

Somehow, the folks at GLAAD are always able to get someone to open up their house for the cause. The 12th Annual GLAAD Tidings Season’s Greenings event was no exception. It was held at the massive estate of Tony and Jeanne Pritzker, who obviously do something lucrative. Can you imagine letting 500 people traipse through your house? Clearly they are saints.

The house is in Bel Air, so I wore tights to prove that I, too, am fancy.

When I arrived, I ran into Elizabeth Keener and Jamie Lauren, who were partying in the promotional Lexus. After a brief chat, I headed off to visit my kindred sponsors, SKYY Vodka, and some people doling out ritzy chocolate. SKYY now makes pineapple vodka. Where has this been all of my life?

Jamie Lauren (left) and Elizabeth Keener

Inside the house, the requisite silent auction was taking place. I casually sauntered into the bidding area, not to make a play for one of the fab items up for grabs, but to be closer to the kitchen (aka the frontline for the passed hors d’oeuvres). I have no idea who won what, but the canapés were spectacular. Definitely my kind of auction.

A ton of celebrities milled about, including Jai Rodriguez, Jenni Pulos (Flipping Out), Kim Coles, Rahsaan Patterson … I could go on, but that would be boring.

Eventually, everyone was ushered out to the backyard, where it was fake snowing. A large stage hosted an eco-friendly fashion show, which incorporated recycled Lexus parts. Yeah, that old trick.

The highlight of the night was a performance by Frenchie Davis. I was without a television when she was on American Idol, so I had no idea what a powerhouse she is. She did an astonishing rendition of “I Am Changing,” from Dreamgirls, that brought the gay boys (and musical theater geeks like myself) to their knees.

After her performance, she just wandered around chatting like a normal person, even though she is clearly some sort of superhuman goddess. And I don’t use the term “goddess” lightly … or ever.

Kim Coles (left) and Frenchie Davis

On the way out, each guest was given a swag bag. Yay! It included eco-friendly shoes, Christmas ornaments, a guidebook to Los Angeles, condoms and lube. Something for everyone.

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