L.A. Scene May 2011: k.d. lang and Siss Boom Bang at KCRW, gb2, Lez Give Back


Blessed are the events that benefit no one at all. 
I went to a birthday party at the Abbey on a Wednesday and it happened to be the launch of a new night for women.  I’m not sure why I wasn’t alerted.  I knew something was up when I saw Tracy and Whitney from The Real L Word.  The all lowercase (must have taken a cue from k.d. lang), gb2, is Girlbar LA‘s latest creation. Girlbar was in serious need of a facelift during its time at UltraSuede, and it has gotten one with this event. Goodbye giant fire escape style entrance. Goodbye cover charge and semi-permanent hand stamp. 

The Abbey is simply the best venue in town and it’s about time that women have an official night there. There are drink specials, cheap tacos, and almost naked lady dancers. gb2 is every Wednesday night from 6 pm – 2am.  If you don’t go out on school nights, don’t worry. The women are still congregating at the Abbey on Sunday afternoons as well. You just have to deal with more boys and sunlight.

It has been ages since promoter Shannon K discontinued her highly successful Thursday night event at East/West Lounge. Lesbians still flock to the patchouli and sewage scented watering hole.  On Friday, May 20, AfterEllen.com’s own Bridget McManus hosted a “Wig and Mustache” party there, featuring a spectacular performance by Karman Kregloe (who you’ve also heard of) and her band Pegleg.

If you managed to forget your mustache at home they were provided at the venue.This was not an event for those who have trouble remembering faces as is. Every greeting began with an awkward pause. I went naked faced because I am a poor sport, but still had a great time.
Who knew Karman could sing like Stevie Nicks and play multiple types of guitar? Not me! Pegleg is going to be huge!

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