L.A. Scene June 2011: Pride Edition



Oh Pride weekend.  You always seem like such a good idea until Monday when I wake up with a brain full of lint and a purse full of condoms.

I slightly attended the Dyke March on Friday, which is to say that I went to a bar in WeHo and ran into the street to take photos when the ladies marched past, twice.  For some reason the march starts and ends in the park.  Everyone gathers there and then marches east along Santa Monica Blvd., to where, I do not know. Apparently, they don’t go far because they return about 10 minutes later. Why they don’t start at the eastern point and march toward the party in the park is unclear.

On Sunday morning, I walked up to the parade from my house.  When I was about a mile away, I started gathering random gays, snowball-style.  No less than five drivers screamed “Happy Pride!” out their windows at our rainbow-clad mob.  I finally made it up to the boulevard and took refuge at the relatively quiet watering hole, Saint Felix, where my more prompt friends had saved seats. Don’t try to take my reservation next year — I will cut you. As usual, the parade lasted for hours with huge gaps in the action, furthering my conviction that the parade coordinator stationed at Crescent Heights is probably stoned. 

No matter — I saw the PFLAG parents, which is always the highlight for me. Not to be outdone, there were also parents wielding signs that stated “Proud Asian Mother of a Gay Kid.”  There were nearly naked men atop fire trucks, nearly naked men in human hamster balls and a fully-clothed Margaret Cho with her entourage. The Grand Marshall was the fabulous Johnny Weir.  He was immediately followed by the street sweeping team — everyone’s cue to run off to the Abbey.

Not in the mood to be crushed to death, I stayed put at Saint Felix for a healthy eight hours before migrating to East/West. I am sad to say that it was East/West Lounge’s final day!  It’s not even because the sewer finally exploded. They are reportedly reverting back to Revolver and rumor has it there will be cheap drinks and video karaoke. How elegant.

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