L.A. Scene June 2010: NewNowNext Awards and Los Angeles Pride


L.A. Pride

On Friday, while the dykes marched, I wandered around BevMo. I understand there were parties at HERE Lounge which bookended the event. There was also the usual Friday night at Girl Bar which was unusually crowded. Most if not all of the Real L Word cast showed up — yes, including Tracy. The march itself included Dykes on Bikes, a marching band, people promoting various films, and a few unaffiliated lesbians.

My girlfriend’s birthday had the nerve to coincide with Pride this year. We decided to have a giant party on Saturday night with the idea being that people would be in town. We also figured folks would go away at a reasonable hour so they could rest up for the next day. (Saturday is sort of the off-night for lesbians on Pride weekend, sandwiched between Friday’s Dyke March and Sunday’s parade/day of drunkenness.)

Saturday I spent the day leaf blowing my yard every hour in preparation for the party. I missed a number of performances at the festival, including Kelis, En Vogue, Martha Davis and The Motels and Kelly Rowland. I hear En Vogue was particularly excellent.

Nobody left at a reasonable hour. I made it to bed at 4 a.m. I got up around 9:00 to eat some cheesecake, then passed out again. I awoke around 11:00 to the sound of my cat overturning a giant glass vase of party flowers.

So while I was home picking shards of glass out of an area rug, the parade wound its way along Santa Monica Blvd. Sharon and Kelly Osbourne were the Grand Marshals. Grand they are, but seriously, why is the Grand Marshal never gay? I was sorry to miss the parade. I always love the PFLAG parents best. Also, people hand out useless but free things and who doesn’t love a gift?

I managed to get my act together and make it to Haute by mid-afternoon. Co-promoted by Girl Bar and Fuse (shocking!), this was the big lesbian party of the day. Haute is across the street from the Abbey in the space briefly occupied by Apple. A number of anticipatory rescue vehicles were parked between the two establishments. Always a good sign.

Haute was teeming with women to the point where we could only walk sideways. I wear sneakers in public only on Pride and therefore, managed to keep my balance. The Girl Bar dancers writhed in the sunlight and one poured shots down her body which crouching patrons lapped up. There is no way that is sanitary.

Ilene Chaiken appeared, having just introduced Real L Word cast members Mikey, Rose and Whitney at the Festival. There are conflicting reports about whether they were also at Haute. I heard Ilene had to pay the cover charge. I guess they wanted her to have a “real” lesbian experience. I got in for free.

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