L.A. Scene June 2010: NewNowNext Awards and Los Angeles Pride


A pre-recorded video explained that Pricewaterhouse Coopers (the famous vote tallying guys with briefcases) was out of Logo’s price range. Kylie Minogue appeared onscreen to personally count the votes. Singer Shantelle performed her song “Impossible,” which I’m pretty sure is already a hit. Either that or it’s just catchy.

Snooki, Ross Mathews and The Situation presented the award “Cause You’re Hot” to Jesus Luz. Betty White was also nominated but who stands a chance against a guy who dated Madonna and is also named Jesus?

A spoof of OMFG nominee website ChatRoulette featured Adam Lambert, Cloris Leachman and George Takei.


Actress Erin Cummings presented the award for “Brink of Fame Actor” to Lea Michele. In case you live under a rock, Lea plays Rachel on a little show called Glee. I’m pretty sure she’s surpassed the “brink” of fame but who cares? She’s awesome. She gave a great pre-recorded acceptance speech.

Janice Dickinson presented the award for “Best New Indulgence.” Ke$ha and the show Hoarders were both nominated. That they were in the same category is more than a little creepy in my book. “The Split” of Ru Paul’s Drag Race won. She did a split.

The “Best Show You’re Not Watching” award went to Archer. They were right — I’d never even heard of it. Aisha Tyler accepted.

Mena Suvari introduced performer Dan Black. He was good. Where has Mena been?

Perez Hilton appeared onstage with blue hair and a matching suit. He presented the “Always Next, Forever Now” award to Paula Abdul. Paula looked lovely and was completely lucid. A montage of her career highlights played onscreen. It took us back to a time when singers could dance and straight ladies wore ties.


The final award for “Brink of Fame Music Artist” was presented by Kelly Osbourne and Johnny Weir. Swedish pop sensation Agnes won.

After the ceremony the party began, which is to say that the celebs who had been forced to sit in chairs during the taping were free to come join the riff raff such as myself at the open bar. Even more cheese and pita appeared, as did most of the cast of The Real L Word, who were all worked up about “The Situation.” I think they meant the Jersey Shore “Situation” but maybe they have their own “Situation.” Guess we’ll see.

I tried to take a picture of Real L Word Tracy’s heels but the powers that be freaked out about photos. I did manage to get a picture of a woman who was inexplicably carrying around a large wooden owl. Always good to leave on a high note.

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