L.A. Scene July ’09: Dykeotomy, Outfest, and Parties


Outfest Parties

I went to an Outfest party at the Standard on the Sunset Strip and stayed for eleven hours and wound up slow dancing with Guinevere Turner by the pool.

Sadly, that was a couple of years ago, and therefore irrelevant, but I didn’t write this column then and why would I waste that gem of an anecdote?

Back to 2009. Most of the Outfest films were followed by after-parties at the DGA (the building that houses the Director’s Guild) or at local gay bars. Stella Artois and the always gay-friendly Absolut were huge sponsors, causing movie-goers to make a beeline for the door before the final credits rolled to secure their places in the massive drink lines.

Stella encouraged everyone to take their glasses, emblazoned with the Stella logo, home with them. They even provided velour bags so you could abscond with your glass in style. This was quite a hit with the lesbians. I’ll cover the apparent glassware shortage in our community in next month’s column.

I recognized two of the overextended but shockingly chipper lesbian bartenders from years past. Hopefully they get to hibernate until Dinah Shore.

Most of the revelers were not the typical West Hollywood types, with “film crew chic” being the wardrobe of choice. Yep, Reebok is still making high-tops. Hundreds of wannabe filmmakers were present and many a conversation revolved around the tragic/abysmal/horrendous state of American cinema in general and the brilliant/genius/earth-shattering gay and lesbian cinema that was to be made by all in attendance as soon as financing came through.

A large group of actual filmmakers and actors were there as well, both those who had films in the festival and those who continue to do great work elsewhere.

On “All-Girl Friday,” the party was filled with, believe it or not, almost all girls. And guys who really like Stella or Absolut or lesbian movies. This was the one night when the ladies of Weho dragged themselves off of Santa Monica Blvd. for a few hours and flooded the DGA. The after-party featured most of the cast of And Then Came Lola. Ashleigh Sumner, Jill Bennett, and Cathy Debuono all looked lovely and gamely mingled with the wild crowd.

The official after-after-party for the evening was, according to the Outfest Program, at Booby Trap. Booby Trap is the name of a lesbian night at a vaguely grimy/vaguely sexy bar on the east side. The Outfest party, hosted by Booby Trap was at a totally different bar called Vine Bar.

The woman who announced the films couldn’t remember where the party was. Some people heard Booby Trap and ran off to the east-side club.

I managed to get the location correct, a miracle considering Vine Bar has no visible sign, but saw a bunch of straight, and therefore likely delinquent, people loitering outside and decided to go to Del Taco instead. Which directly translates to “of or from the taco,” and has nothing to do with lesbian nightlife in Los Angeles.

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