L.A. Scene January 2010: Gays R Us, Uh Huh Her, p.LA.y and Jetsetter


You Have to Laugh
Trying to recap stand-up comedy is an exercise in futility since you kind of had to have been there. Still, I would be remiss if I didn’t talk about two excellent shows I saw this month.

Gays R Us is a monthly show at the prestigious Hollywood Improv, hosted by the always hilarious Erin Foley. The night features mostly gay and lesbian comics, with a friendly straight or two often thrown in for good measure. This is the best place to see lesbian comedians that have moved past the hackneyed dildo jokes. Not that those aren’t enchanting but…

The recent show included sets by Amber Tozer, Bruce Daniels, and a particularly en fuego, Page Hurwitz. I won’t attempt to rehash their material for you, just go next month and see for yourself. There’s no official website, so visit Erin’s website at erinkfoley.com for details. Or if you live in Berlin or something, as many of you do oddly enough, you can find all of those people doing great sets online.

Erica Zonder and Page Hurwitz

Also hysterical comic Tig Notaro, hosts a monthly-ish show at Largo at the Coronet Theater. Tig is a very funny, very droll comedian, who performs all over creation. She’s also a regular on The Sarah Silverman Program.

Tig does a stand-up set, then brings in special guests. She did some very funny material about Suzanne Vega and Taylor Dayne. The predominantly lesbian audience didn’t seem to know who those guys were. Which is weird. Then Tig did some impressions of household items, such as the sound of curtains opening. She taught us how to do this ourselves, lest we run out of conversation points at a cocktail party.

This month’s guests were Leisha Hailey and Camila Grey of Uh Huh Her. I saw them perform at Dinah Shore in April 2009 and their set was really… depressing. They were clearly super-talented, but the music kind of made me want to off myself.

At Largo they talked about how much 2009 sucked and then delivered a super dynamic, fun show. A question and answer session followed, led by Tig. I hate Q and As. Total buzzkills.

I decided to stay anyway, mostly so I could stare at Leisha Hailey and wonder what it’s like to be so freaking adorable all the time.

I assumed the largely lesbian audience would ask Leisha a zillion questions about The L Word. Shockingly, no one did. The first question asked was "Would you rather have a laser shoot out of your nose every time you said the word ‘the,’ or needles for leg hair?" That old conundrum. Cam chose lasers, Leisha chose leg hair.

The Q and A was lengthy but fun. Tig taught us a song, a pseudo-spiritual if you will, and Leisha, Cam, and several audience members sang it with great gusto.

Tig will be back at Largo on February 24 with Megan Mullally. She’ll also appear in the upcoming film The Runaways. You can find out more about her on her website www.tignotaro.com. Uh Huh Her is kicking off a tour soon. So far, the stops are Texas and Germany. You Berlin people will have to fill me in on that.

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