Kristin Chenoweth on “Pushing Daisies,” Playing Dusty, and Christianity


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“My Mom said, ‘Kristi, Your whole life you have been drawn to people who’ve
been different and/or gay people’ and it’s the truth,” Chenoweth added,
commenting on how natural it was for her to stand up for people who are cast
out by society and, sometimes, their own families:

I am in no way a saint, at all. I don’t mean to present myself as
such. I’ve screwed up many, many times.
But I knew even at a young age that there came a sense of loneliness with these
kids and I couldn’t stand it. I simply couldn’t stand it. And, by the way, all from people who loved
what I loved…as a Christian person, the tolerance level is really disgusting to

Chenoweth also cited a popular book as a foundation for her reason for being
on this Earth. “Rick Warren, this pastor that I love, wrote a book called The Purpose Driven Life and I read it
and I read it over and over again all the time. I highly recommend the book.
It’s not really about religion, believe it or not. But the first line of the
book says ‘It’s not about me.’

She went on to say:

I realized my purpose in this world and this gets a little
Pollyanna/preachery and I don’t mean for it to but I’ve gotten to a point in my
career and I’ve gotten to the age where I’ve realized that I’ve been given a
talent, which is singing and acting, but I know my purpose in this world and
that is as a Christian person, as a person of faith, to show that we don’t need
to just tolerate people …we need to not just tolerate but we need to accept
them as they are. Bridget Jones has that great saying in the movie: ‘he loves
me just as I am’ and that’s the way God views all of his children. He loves us
just as we are. Because who made us is him.

Though she continued to apologize for sounding preachy, Chenoweth shared
what she says when someone says that being gay is a sin.

“What if it’s a sin to
be short?” she said. “Pretend for a
second …I’m going to hell in a hand basket! That silly, stupid, bracelet that
all my cousins have that says ‘What would Jesus do?’ It’s true. What would He
have done? I think he would be very sad if he walked Earth today and he saw how
people are ostracized, how people are unloved. There is so much pain and hurt
and at Christmastime it seems to come out even more."

"This is my purpose in this
world … my purpose in life is to be an example of what Christ really was
whether you believe in him or not but what he taught and that’s love and
acceptance, not tolerance.”

Chenoweth said that she knows a thing or two about not being supported by
people close to you.

I’ve been ostracized for my beliefs in this matter. I’ve been hurt very
badly by people of faith … my second album was a Christian record that I fought
very hard to make. I kind of took it up the butt for that one from the
Christian right because I had to say what I believed. I walk an incredibly fine
line but I kinda don’t care because there comes the day when you just don’t
give a crap anymore. You graduate from that high school of giving a crap. And
you believe what you believe. You know, I’m very, very conservative in a lot of
areas and I’m extremely liberal in others. Just because I voted for a Democrat
doesn’t mean I don’t have Republican views on some things. I would never, never
counsel anyone to have an abortion. I was adopted. But I also don’t want to
decide for people … it gets into so many other areas that that’s just me.

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With her passions having run the gamut of subjects during the course of our
chat, Kristin Chenoweth is, at the moment, all about Christmas and the joy it
brings her. While her holiday CD is filled with what she calls
"timeless classics," she proves with everything she does that she’s a
classic right here and now.

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