Kim Stolz Takes on the News Media

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AE: What is your typical day like at MTV?
It changes every single day. Like
some days I’ll come in go to hair and makeup and wardrobe and get ready for my
day of shooting — interviews with movie stars and political figures, or do a
shoot of [what we’re] covering of those topics for MTV News, and then I’ll head
down to mtvU, or the other way around. At mtvU, obviously, I do The Freshmen.

AE: Do you have any memorable pieces you’ve worked on?
Oh God, yeah a lot. One of my
favorite things was following around Mike Huckabee and interviewing him. I’m
from New York City
and went to Wesleyan and have always been around very liberal people, and it
was interesting to see a very young conservative movement of people following
Mike Huckabee. He may not agree with my lifestyle, but being able to connect
with people on a different level was an interesting experience for me.

Also, doing the
pre-show for the MTV Movie Awards was very exciting. Interviewing Sarah Jessica
Parker and the cast of Sex and the City
[was] absolutely one of the best interviews I’ve ever done. Sara Jessica Parker
is probably my favorite interview I’ve ever done. It’s great to see someone who
is so successful continue to prosper and be such a wonderfully humble and nice
and intelligent person.

AE: What kinds of things are you hoping to do in the future,
either at MTV or elsewhere?
One thing that’s led me to where I
am is that I’m never quite sure of a plan or where it’s going to take me. I
think being a news correspondent and VJ has led me to really good places, and I
think that I would like to do more political stuff and maybe in a couple of
years, I’d love to be the host of a political talk show, some sort of news show
of some sort.

I also really am
interested in entertainment though … and I think doing something with movies
and entertainment is something I’m interested in. And clearly, music and
interviewing bands. I did a piece on Brooklyn bands and I like that too, so I
guess I don’t totally know where I’m going, but I feel that I will figure that
out at some point.

Stolz at the MTV Movie Awards

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AE: What kind of music would you recommend that you’re
listening to? Or what you think is going to be big?
So many! MGMT, Yeasayer, the Grizzly
Bear Friend EP, because they brought
a bunch of wonderful bands together. Girl Talk has a great new album called Feed the Animals, which is an artist
mash-up that’s doing really well right now, too. I could go on forever about

AE: One thing I think is really great about you is that you
are into music and fashion, which is something that stereotypically lesbians
are not a part of.
[laughs] I think that breaking
stereotypes is something that happens in time. I think that right now is a
really important moment for the LGBTQ community, and I am so excited to be a
part of breaking down any stereotype that has existed in our community before,
because just like any other group, the community is full of diverse people who
have different interests. There’s no way to box our community in.

I’m interested in
fashion, I’m interested in music, I’m interested in politics, and that makes me
who I am — and I’m also gay, and that’s a part of me, too. If that helps the
LGBTQ community break down stereotypes and if that helps younger kids see that
there’s someone out on television who is standing up for them and what they
believe in, then I couldn’t be happier about what I’ve done.

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