Kim Stolz Takes on the News Media


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AE: Are you still
with the same girlfriend you were with when you were on America’s Next Top Model?
No, no I’m not. That girl and I broke up over a year ago.

AE: Are you single
Well, I would say it’s complicated.

AE: When Tyra Banks had the reunion for all the past America’s Next Top Model contestants
this past year, were you invited too and just chose to go as a correspondent
for fun? What was your thought process behind that?
I was invited by America’s Next Top Model and The Tyra [Banks] Show to be one of the
past contestants and go like the other girls. However, I thought it would be
more fun and more relevant to my life now to go as a news correspondent. They
invited MTV News to come to the event.

AE: It almost seemed like Tyra was acting kind of rude to
you. Did you feel that way?
[laughs] I think Tyra and I have a
funny banter, and I think we sort of like get along and I definitely have
nothing against her, but I think that she was funny. I asked her why she never
kept in touch — I mean, clearly she had no intention to. But she was sort of
caught off guard.

Stolz and Tyra Banks on the red carpet

AE: Do you still watch Top
To be totally honest, I haven’t
watched the last couple of seasons. I just don’t have that much time. But from
what I’ve read, the show is still prospering and everybody’s still watching, so
I understand it’s going quite well.

AE: How do you feel about your experience on the show now
that a few years have passed? Obviously it was helpful to you to get where you
are on television.
I will always look at America’s Next Top Model as a very
beneficial experience for me. I learned a lot about myself, I learned a lot
about the fashion industry. And to be honest, if I hadn’t been on that show,
perhaps I wouldn’t have thought of having a career on television to begin with.
And I am definitely thankful for that experience, because it helped me get
where I am.

Stolz on America’s Next Top Model

AE: Are you still modeling now as well?
I’ve stopped modeling for the mean
time, but I’m open to do some shoots. Like I shot something for the New York Post a couple of months ago,
and I shot something for a magazine with Chris Benz, who is a very good friend
and fashion designer. Right now, between MTV News and mtvU and other things I’m
looking forward to, there just isn’t all that much time.


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