Kim Ann Foxman Is a Goddess Among Men

The band made the decision to start playing live in Europe
(after a one-gig stint in their hometown, New
York City, at Studio B) because "it’s the best
place for dance music." Foxman explained: "They have more of an open
mind for that kind of music there. It reaches a bigger audience."

From left to right: Nomi, Butler, Foxman

Perhaps what resonates with Europeans (and those Americans
who have gotten into the band so far) is the revitalization of pop disco.
Hercules and Love Affair has a distinct upbeat, transient sound that isn’t too
jumpy or quick, like the soundtrack to Queer
as Folk
. The songs are just as much about the lyrics — which address rising
above modern-day trials through Greek mythological analogies — as they are
about hand claps and head bobs (though you will certainly appreciate both.

But if their first show in the U.S. was any indication of how well
the band will do upon their return to the States, Hercules and Love Affair will
likely be booking shows very soon.

"It was sold out," Foxman wrote. "I was so
nervous, but it felt good to finally play our first show after so much press.
It was a big weight lifted."

Being a "buzz band" does put on a lot of pressure,
especially for performers new to performing at all. But one thing that the band
also has managed to escape is the "gay music" cannon. Despite the
entire group being queer (and much of their music being based upon Greek
mythology and its queer content and subtext), they’ve managed to transcend that
specific label that can sometimes pigeonhole a band.

"Some people are going for that ‘queer’ band
thing," Foxman stated. "We just never set out to do that — we never
made it a point. It isn’t the point.
Of course I’m proud to be a part of queer culture, we just happen to be very
colorful group in the band that are all coming together for one reason: to play
music that we love. That has nothing to do with our sexual preferences."

Foxman and Butler
being stylish and cool queers is just an added bonus for gay fans of Hercules
and Love Affair, who get to watch the group parade around in matching tank tops
on stage. Foxman has soft features but a butch demeanor that gives her a
certain kind of mystique, especially when she’s softly singing lines such as
"With her hands she could give/through the battles of her life/she showed
me how to live."

The video for "Blind" doesn’t feature any of the
band members, but it would only be right for the upcoming video for
"Athene" to have Foxman front and center. The band is currently
touring Europe, but will make a few West Coast and New York stops in late July.

"We are having so much fun working on our show,"
Foxman wrote. " I feel really good about it all. I still get nervous but
that is part of the fun."

For more on
Hercules and Love Affair, visit their MySpace page. Find out
more about Kim Ann Foxman and her jewelry at her official site.


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