Kate Schellenbach on the return of Luscious Jackson, working on “The Ellen Show” and being out in the ’90s

AE: It’s a sad, sad world. Well, what else can you tell me about what the band’s working on now?
KS: Basically we’re doing this album through PledgeMusic and we’ve met our goal but we’re still taking pledges. So people can give $10 for a download of the album, or they can pledge to buy original art work, or drum sticks. High-rollers can get like a house concert. The more money we have the more we can do things with the album. We were blown away by how quickly people responded and how enthusiastic people have been. I think the timing has been interesting for people like yourself who grew up with our music and want to turn the next generation on.

So yeah we’re writing and trying to figure out how to record everything and we’ve got our regular jobs and have to figure out time off. Then we have to make sure we get everything out to everyone who has pledged already. We have to do it all. [Laughs]

AE: So, you’re going to be pretty busy is what you’re saying.
Yeah, it’s cool for us, though. Our first round [with a major label] we were with Capitol and saw the end of the glory days of the major labels. And by the time the band kind of split up in 2000, things were really going south for how that system worked. Pirating started being really big and the money was falling out of major labels so it’s been kind of cool to participate in this new model. We’re hoping to get some radio play — we don’t really have anyone promoting it for radio but we’ve had some people playing it and hope it continues. Maybe we’ll get it to a soundtrack — or it could be the Kathy Griffin theme song, who knows? [Laughs]

We love interacting with our fans and encourage people going to our Facebook page. It’s really us communicating with them on there and  also Instagram and Twitter. And on Pledge Music we’re posting lots of rare tracks and videos of behind the scenes footage so they can see the process of us making the album. Jill I think just posted a video of a song she’s been working on with Gabby and I haven’t even heard it yet, so if you’re a fan that’s pretty cool to be a part of the process.

AE: Well and how cool for your kids to have this, too. They get to have this picture of you making these songs. I think that’s something really cool to give to your kids.
Yeah it’s fun to play stuff like that. You know, I’ve got this six-year-old boy, Liam, and I played him “Are You Ready” and I heard him singing along to it and he said, “Yeah, this is a good song!” [Laughs] Or we’ll be listening to something and he’ll ask, “Is that you playing drums?” So that’s really cool. He’s a huge Beastie Boys fan. His favorite song is “Intergalactic” and he’ll be like, “Have you heard ‘Intergalactic Planetarium’ song?” And then he’ll break out into some little breakdance routine.

I’m sure, same for you, music for me, discovering bands at 12 or 13 just changed my life and made me realize this is what I want to do. It’s exciting to see your kids respond to what you’re doing. I’m sure he’ll be rolling his eyes soon.

AE: Well he’ll revisit it later and understand. Actually Licensed to Ill was the first album front to back that I memorized as a kid. My dad used to videotape me doing all the different raps around the house. So it’s kind of like, no surprise that I was gay.
KS: That’s hysterical.

You can follow the making of the new Luscious Jackson album via the band’s Facebook page, put up some money for their album and/or some very cool extras at their Pledge Music page or follow them on Twitter but since the correct spelling of the band’s name was taken, be sure to follow @LusciousJckson. Also important to note: the Pledge campaign will donate a portion of the money made to the Child Welfare League of America, an organization that serves to help improve the lives of children in need all across America.

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