Kate Moennig plays a hot new lesbian character with questionable morals on “Ray Donovan”

AE: In the pilot there’s such a huge cast and we have to be introduced to all of the characters, so it was hard to tell how much we’ll see of Lena. Will it change on an episode-by-episode basis?
Well you know, it completely varies because the storyline — it’s like two storylines intercede with one another. One is Ray’s personal life and family and the other is work related and I’m on the work-related front. It always depends on how big the problem is at work. That shifts from episode to episode. It’s not a procedural show by any means, but every client has its own group of problems, so it really depends how extreme those issues are.

AE: We get a glimpse of a girl in bed with Lena in the first episode. Is that girl a girlfriend, or someone Lena just spent the night with?
I think it was — I’m under the impression it’s someone that she’s dating. Again, she’s not really a relationship person, she’s very work-oriented. So anything that gets in the way of her work, she doesn’t tolerate.

AE: She kind of reminds me in a way, Lena, of Kalinda on The Good Wife. Do you ever watch that show?
KM: No, I’ve never seen it. I’ve heard great things but I’ve never seen it.

AE: She’s a private investigator that’s willing to do things that aren’t always so morally correct, so I just wondered!

AE: What do you think L Word fans would like about Ray Donovan?
Oh I don’t know! Well they’re two very different shows. That’s like comparing a sleepover to going to the Los Angeles Gun Club. They’re two opposite ends of the spectrum. In terms of Ray Donovan, the story is so rich, the actors are so fantastic, the writing is impeccable. And it’s such beautiful storytelling with complex characters. I think it’s — I really believe it’s the quality of television that seems to be making its mark these days. I’m hoping fans of The L Word see that in Ray Donovan and just enjoy the storytelling and the ballsy way its executed.

AE: I just ask that because I feel people that liked The L Word might see that you’re in it and want to watch it, so —
I mean, The L Word, they’re just very different. Well that’s for them to decide, truly. I just hope they come along for the ride because it’s a really fun, interesting dark ride.

AE: I really loved the modeling you did for Wildfang. I was wondering if you’ll be having any involvement with them in the future.
Oh I’m so glad you liked it. I love Wildfang and I love the girls who are involved. I believe I’m still going to do things with them but nothing set in stone just of yet. I really believe in that and the company they created, the brand. I’m open to anything with them.

AE: Is there anything else you’d want people to know about the show as they watch the premiere?
It’s a very in-your-face show. It’s a show filled with characters that are very questionable and aren’t always likable but here is a humanity to each and every one of them. The talent on the show is so huge. So for those reasons, I hope you stick with it because it’s a class act all the way.

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