Karey Dornetto gives us the background on last night’s lesbian-themed “Community”

AE: You’ve written for many different shows, including children’s shows. What genre or tone really suits your style the best?

KD: I only worked on one kid’s show and it was fine. It was cute and fun. But it’s not actually my sensibility. I’ve worked on animation, (South Park) which is cool because there are things you can do in animation that you can’t do in live-action. When I worked on The Life & Times of Tim for HBO, I had a t—y f–k joke. And you can only do that on cable, so there’s that. I enjoyed that.

But I really like this show, Community, for sure. We do a lot of cool, conceptual episodes and I like the characters. I love Britta – she’s a really great female character. We kind of put her through the ringer, and it’s fun having a character like that to play with.

AE: You also make a lot of videos of your own. Are you working on anything like that right now?

KD: We’re almost done here and going to have a hiatus for a couple of months. So, I’m writing a short film that’s going to have some gay stalker elements to it. That’s going to be fun. I’m writing a feature with one of the writers on the show.

The last short I did was last, last break with Amber Tozer where we bought s—t to throw at a baby. I love doing that stuff. This next short is not going to be a sketch. It’s going to be an actual short film. But it’s still going to be ridiculous. There might be nudity.

AE: Excellent. Who’s getting naked?

KD: It might be me. I’m not sure yet. We’ll see. Maybe just a bra.

AE: Maybe some Brants. I love your bra-pant solution.

AE: Do you think there are enough lesbians on TV?

No, no. I know there are some pilots that were picked up that have lesbian characters, so I’m excited to see if any of them make it to network.

AE: Are you talking about I Hate that I Love You?

Yeah, that’s the one I heard got picked up. I’m excited for that. Aside from Skins, some dramas, I can’t think of any prime-time half-hour shows. Well, there’s the character on Nurse Jackie, but I can’t think of any that are on prime-time, network half-hour shows.

AE: You can’t think of any because there aren’t any. Glee is supposed to be so very LGBT, but let’s admit it – it’s very “G” and not super interested in the “L.” It’s a missed opportunity. Where’s our Cameron and Mitchell from Modern Family?

I think there’s an element of comedy when it comes to two gay men together on television. I don’t know. Maybe people don’t think two lesbians together are funny. Well, we are.

Dornetto with girlfriend, director, Jamie Babbit

AE: Well, you’re a funny lesbian. I don’t know that all of us are.

It would be nice to have a few on the air and be represented.

AE: Do people still come up to you about your L Word parody, “Hi, I’m Ilene Chaiken”?

I met someone not long ago and it freaked me out because I forgot. Not that I forgot, but it was just kind of funny because I haven’t watched it in a while. And they are like, “Wait, you’re the one who did that thing.” And I’m like, “What?”

AE: You should go back and watch it.

I should.

Community airs Thursdays on NBC.

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