Karey Dornetto gives us the background on last night’s lesbian-themed “Community”

AE: True. Being friends with us makes straight people cool by association.

KD: And Brit Marling, who played Page, looks a lot like Gillian, who plays Britta. They’re both blonde and really pretty. And I just thought it would be funny if these two girls both think the other is a lesbian.

AE: Did you create the character Page?

KD: I wrote the episode, but we do everything as a [writing] staff. But that was my episode, and Page was totally new. And I picked a friend’s name: Page.

AE: Um, wait, what?

KD: For characters in my scripts, I pick names of people I know. I picked Page. I know Page.

AE: You mean Page Hurwitz? Or some other Page?
KD: Page Hurwitz is the only Page I know. So I thought, “Who we got?” and I thought Page was a good name.

AE: Does she know you did that?

KD: I don’t think so. I saw her the other night, but I don’t think I told her.

AE: You know, Page was one of my favorite interviews, ever. I’m going to tell her she’s in your episode!

KD: I’m sure she’ll be honored.

AE: I’m sure. How long have you been writing on Community?

KD: I think I came on on Episode 13, so, kind of the middle of the season, last year. I’ve never been on a show more than one season [laughs] so, it’s nice to see the characters develop. And it’s fun because you get to know everybody. So, it’s like we’re a community at Community.

AE: Why has it been hard to get a second season out of a job?

KD: Well, usually, it gets canceled. At one point, I thought, “I’m bad luck.” I came on Arrested Development in the third season, and that got canceled. I worked on a pilot in New York that got picked up for 13 [episodes] and that got cancelled. Then I got on The Life & Times of Tim [on HBO] and they got another season, but I ended up leaving there to come work on Community. Now, we’re in our second season. I finally broke my streak of killing shows.

AE: God, Karey. You were like the Ted McGinley of TV writers. Every time he joined a cast, the show got canceled that year.

KD: Oh, really?

AE: He was on the last season of everything. Poor guy.

KD: You’re like, “Ew. Is it me?”

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