“K&A” centers on a lesbian and her straight BFF

AE: What made you decide to work on this project?

Audrey Claire Johnson: Katie and I met on 617: The Series, and I vowed to work on any other project she’d helm from web comedy to outdoor Shakespeare. She wrote the relationship between Karly and Alex to be completely authentic. So with that foundation, we get to play real girls in outrageous scenarios and outrageous girls in real scenarios.

Ashley Elmi: What drew me to this project initially was the possibility of getting more experience on camera. Coming from an improv theater background, I haven’t mastered the subtle performance. Now, in addition to that, I’m excited to work closely with a group of people. The bond that forms is special.

AE: From the clips I have seen you both seem to have great chemistry when working together. Did you know each other before this project started?

ACJ: I met Ashley when she came into audition! There’s a finesse to playing the “straight” gay character while maintaining such luscious hair. I can’t wait to start shooting with her, she’s going to blow everyone away.

Ashley Elmi: So glad it comes off that way. Me and Audrey met at my audition. Although, Boston is a real tiny city—Audrey was taking an improv class taught by my roommate.

AE: Can you tell us more about your past comedic work, like Brainfox and Improv Asylum? How do you think this experience will help while working on K&A?

ACJ: Brainfox is like web sketch comedy in a Gladiator arena. Not the Roman one, I mean the 1989-1996 TV series. We collaborate stupidly well together, and I’m so grateful for the experience to hone my technique on camera with creative friends I love. So I’m always hunting down the best, newest ideas generated online that make people laugh. That’s a forever priority for me, and Brainfox and K&A.

Ashley Elmi: I’ve worked with Improv Asylum for 4 years, in almost every capacity you can imagine; intern, usher, video technician, performer. All of those jobs were just ways for me to get my foot in the door. Once I became an employee, I got to take the classes for free and it all took off from there. I was on the NXT cast for two years, improvising and performing in sketches. All experiences I’ve had just perfect my timing, one of the most important things you can have on the set of a comedic web series. Improv, of course, makes you quick and sharp while responding in character. Improv Asylum was my realization that I wanted to involved with comedy as a career, so I started having more than just fun. I learned to be a professional and be consistent.

AE: Is there room for improvisation on the set of K&A or will it be strictly scripted?

ACJ: There Will Be Improv! Katie’s always encouraged naturalism in rehearsal and on set, and I’m predicting even more with the comedic set up of K&A. I can’t stop laughing already, imagining our outtakes for this.

Ashley Elmi: They hired me as an improviser and the promotional videos we have shot have all been improv. There will be plenty of room I think!

AE: Can you tell the AfterEllen readers more about the $2,000 donation incentive of the walk on role? You mentioned in the kick starter video it would be hookup scene with Alex. 

ACJ: Donate $2,000: “Walk On Set and Into Alex’s Embrace” Role. Or Karly’s? Can we discuss this?

Ashley Elmi:  I think it’d be something we all should talk about.

You can help fund K&A by visiting their Kickstarter page.

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