Julie Goldman’s Big Gay Romantic Comedy

AE: You’ve assembled an impressive all-star lesbo cast, but are you still casting any of the roles? Any dream stars you’d still like to get for the movie?
Yes, we are totally still casting. We need a young, cool, hilarious boy to play my brother, Ronnie. Plus we have some really fun cameos and possibly Brandy’s mom character. (Sharon Gless has first dibs, but she is interested in playing another role.)

So if we had our dream list, we’d have Lily Tomlin, Cloris Leachman, Lindsay Lohan, Henry Winkler, Kathy Bates, and Neil Patrick Harris, just to name a quick few. Yes, we’re aiming high, as we should.

AE: Romantic comedy can be a tough genre. There are a lot of bad romantic comedies, but when they’re done right, they are sublime. What do you think makes a good one?
JG: I think what makes a good romantic comedy is believable chemistry between the actors. When the actors are funny, and when there’s real heart in it. The love story has to be romantic, but it has to be funny.

AE: In your movie, will the lesbian get the girl?
JG: In this story there are only lesbians, and they will definitely get each other.

AE: How did you and Brandy meet, and how has been working with a collaborator on the project?
We met thru a mutual friend on an R Family Cruise. we’ve been working together now for over a year. I also want to say that the story was written by Brandy’s talented husband, Kavan Reece. Originally me and Brandy wanted to write something that took place on a cruise ship ― being that there really is so much comedy there ― and that dream isn’t dead, but Kavan came up with this idea and it worked so much better.

Neither Brandy or I had ever written a feature script before, and Kavan has an uncanny ability for structure and story. So he jotted down the story on note paper, and we took it and developed and wrote the script.

We’re all really proud of it. He’s really the unsung hero. No, no. I take that back. I am. I am. Yes, it’s me. I’m the wind beneath my wings. And Brandy of course. She is so talented and so funny and we’ve just had a blast working together. It’s really been such an incredible collaboration and we’re both really committed to seeing this through. We’re not stopping until we see this movie made and that we’re in it and involved in every part of the process.

AE: The Village Voice recently named you as one of the people who is making butch fashionable. How do you feel about being a butch fashion icon?
I feel great about it. In fact I hope I can influence people to stop wearing vests with no shirts, and a tie and fedora hats.

AE: You also have a fashion blog, "It’s Not Gay, It’s Fashion." How did that come about? Have you always been interested in fashion?
I’ve always been interested in some aspects of fashion, and Brandy is really into it, so it was a natural thing for us to be able to do while working on the movie. It’s a great source of creativity for us, and we really wanted to do something funny and ridiculous, which we could also tie into the movie somehow.

We also met someone very special who worked on Project Runway and she has been writing a little behind-the-scenes column and it’s been so fun.

AE: Everyone is eagerly awaiting the premiere of the third season of The Big Gay Sketch Show in February 2010. Can you give us any hints as to what to expect this season?
We are too. Let’s see … Fitzwilliam is back and funny as ever, all the favorite characters are making a little comeback. I can say Sappho’s Lips is back and we think with two of the funniest songs we’ve ever done.

The show is just getting funnier and funnier, and we all wish it wasn’t just eight episodes and would last longer (and with shorter periods between seasons). I think everyone’s gonna love it.

Julie Goldman in a scene from The Big Gay Sketch Show

AE: I heard that there weren’t any female writers on BGSS in the third season. Do you think it made a difference in the types of sketches that were written for the female performers on the show?
We had one female writer come in for two weeks I think. I think the writers, all the boys, did a really good job this season with the amount of female characters and the lesbian stuff. They would come to us directly and ask for guidance.

I wish we had a woman around in the writing room. It’s pretty astounding how few women get in the writers rooms … and I say that as a sweeping, generalization, blanket statement, across the board, all over this business.

AE: Will there be a fourth season of BGSS?
We won’t know until April 2010 probably, when I’m 65 and working as a barista at Starbucks.

For more information, go to Julie Goldman’s official website, or the site for her upcoming film, Nicest Thing.

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