Julie Goldman’s Big Gay Romantic Comedy


AE: In addition to stand-up, what else are you working on these days?
My main focus these days is a script I co-wrote and am co-producing. The film is called, Nicest Thing, and I wrote it with my friend, actress Brandy Howard. She and I have been working on it for a year. It’s the hardest and most fulfilling thing I have done to date.

We are on a push to raise the money to get this thing done. We made a little website to introduce the movie and the people we have attached so far. Everyone should go check it out.

Brandy Howard and Julie Goldman in a promo still for Nicest Thing

It’s a lesbian romantic comedy and we intend on being in it which of course just makes getting it made all the more easy ― cause Hollywood totally wants to make a lesbian romantic comedy starring two virtually unknown people.

However, we’re excited by some of the talent that has attached themselves to the project and we’re so excited to work with everyone: Tammy Etheridge, Guinevere Turner, Sharon Gless, Paul Vogt, Kate McKinnon, Kate Clinton, Bryce Johnson, Michael Serrato.

This business loves lesbians. When they’re naked. and not lesbians. So, the movie should get done in about 50 years.

AE: Can you tell us a bit about the premise of the movie?
The movie is a lesbian romantic comedy. Or a romantic comedy with a lesbian love story. Or a comedy that’s romantic and the love story is between two women. "What would Judd Apatow say?" I often ask myself. He’d probably just say it’s a romantic comedy. ‘Cause that’s normal.

It’s a really funny, and romantic story based on the movie Just Friends with Ryan Reynolds.

The gist is: two best friends since they we’re little girls go through high school, and have a major misunderstanding, sexually as they say.

My character, Jordan, runs away cause she’s so hurt and embarrassed and then has to return to her hometown 10 years later to go to her brother’s graduation. At the same time, she gets an invitation to the wedding of her former BFF, Abby (played by Brandy).

She decides she’s not going to it and that she is going to hide out while she’s in town. But while she’s at the mall with her little brother, Jordan bumps into Abby and her mom, and she’s caught. Abby’s mom re-invites her to the wedding and begs her to come to the rehearsal dinner. Now Jordan is screwed.

The movie then goes on to Romantic Comedy Town, with Jordan trying to win Abby back, and fighting with Abby’s fiance, dealing with her little brother, and all kinds of craziness. Let me also say this. No one comes out. No one is struggling with their sexuality, and all these characters are fully based on archetypal romantic comedy characters. There’s something in it for everyone, and I deeply believe it’s the first crossover lesbian comedy … if someone would just give us the money to make it..

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