Jon Stewart’s Greatest Lesbian Moments

"Indecision v.2.008": John McCain Hacked (March 29, 2007)

This segment is what "fake news" is all about. First, the real news, starting at 2:32 — a report that Sen. John McCain’s MySpace page was hacked and a note was added to his campaign FAQ stating that he now supports same-sex marriage, "particularly marriage between
passionate females."

Then the fake news: the campaign’s response.

(or watch the video here)


Jon Stewart is famous for giving even controversial guests a fairly easy time with their interviews, which may be why so many conservative commentators, politicians and writers have been guests on his show.

Whether that’s good or bad when it comes to political guests is an open question, but for celebrity guests, it’s pretty much a blessing. Almost everyone is eager to sit down with Stewart, knowing they can spend their 10 minutes cracking a few jokes and not having to fear the slings and arrows of outrageous journalism — including some of television’s best-known lesbians and bisexual women.

Ellen DeGeneres (March 2, 2000)

When DeGeneres visited The Daily Show to promote If Walls Could Talk 2, the interview turned into a love-fest between two of the funniest people on television. She stopped playing with her swag basket long enough to tell Stewart: "I love you. I absolutely love you. And I think I speak for all lesbians. Because I’m the leader of all lesbians, as you know."

(or watch the video here)

Jodie Foster (Sept. 11, 2007)

Earlier this year, Jodie Foster was on the promo trail for her film The Brave One when the famously publicity-shy star made a stop at Stewart’s desk. She looked great; two women screamed "We love you, Jodie!" at the top of their lungs; and audience enthusiasm was the theme of the evening.

Unfortunately, the Daily Show clip archive is currently earning its "beta" label with some clips suddenly becoming unviewable, and Foster’s is one of them. Desperate fans can just keep clicking the "Jodie Foster" tag until it works again.

(or watch the video here)

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