Jon Stewart’s Greatest Lesbian Moments


Stewart Calls Out Dick Cheney (Jan. 25, 2007)

Since his 2004 interview with Bill O’Reilly, Stewart has clearly gotten a lot more pissed off about the inherent injustice of denying lesbians and gay men marriage equality. Commenting on a Wolf Blitzer interview with Dick Cheney, Stewart asks in a pretty terrible imitation of Cheney, "How dare you apply my party’s cruel and inhumane family policies to my family?"

Then he asks: "Hey, Mr. Vice President! Aren’t any other gay people somebody’s kid?" Good question. (Hint: Darth Vader’s daughter is also a dyke.)

(or watch the video here)

There’s Something About Mary (Feb. 1, 2007)

In an episode that probably should have been titled "All Mary Cheney, All the Time," Stewart went looking for hypocrisy and found it everywhere. First was a painfully awkward clip of Wolf Blitzer asking the vice president about his daughter’s pregnancy.

Stewart then contrasted a clip of Cheney thanking vice presidential contender John Edwards for his "kind words" about Mary, with another showing him blasting fellow candidate John Kerry for doing exactly the same thing in the presidential debate. The commentary continues with an examination of how questions about LGBT civil rights are actually an invasion of the Cheney family’s private life.

(or watch the video here)

Daily Show "senior media critic" John Oliver then explains it in terms even Cheney’s new baby grandson and his two mommies can understand:

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Stewart wrapped up the Mary Cheney show by bringing in another daughter of a prominent Washington politician, former Rep. Richard Gephardt’s lesbian daughter, Chrissy Gephardt.

Like Mary, she’s out and an articulate spokesperson for her party and her views. Unlike Mary, she’s got a wicked sense of humor, particularly when responding to Stewart’s concerned probing about "the incredible damage done to children raised by politicians."

(or watch the video here)

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