Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert’s 10 gayest moments of 2012


5) Jon Stewart and John Oliver wonder which sitcom informs Obama’s worldview.

4) Stephen Colbert bristles at President Obama’s gay marriage blasphemy.

3) Jon Stewart giggles at North Carolina’s accidental banning of same-sex domestic partnerships and civil unions.

2) Jon Stewart interviews gay episcopal bishop Gene Robinson.

1) Jon Stewart examines Fox News’ evolving hysteria about gay marriage.

The punchline from this one deserves to be transcribed; it’s one of my favorite quotes of the year:

And this is the true measure of how far we’ve come as a nation. In five years, the prime talking point from Republicans about people who support gay marriage has gone from “It will destroy society via turtle f–king” to “Oh, of course you’re for it; you’ll say anything popular to get re-elected.

What was your favorite Daily Show and/or Colbert Report moment of 2012?

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