Jessica Graham’s Coming-Out Party

The word "bisexual" isn’t one she’s completely comfortable with, even though she said it’s accurate. "There was a time when I was about 21 that I wanted to exclaim to the world, ‘I’m a lesbian,’ because it was the first time I had a girlfriend that I got serious with, that I lived with and everything," she said.

"I just wanted to proclaim it to the world because it just felt so good. But, now, as I’m getting a little older, and I’ve been single now and had some time for myself, I have some crushes on some boys. I’ve been crushing on some girls."

Graham has felt pressure from different people in her life both to come out and not to come out. "I thought about this before this conversation, and I figured, I should just be honest," she said. "And that’s the honest truth. I’m out about the fact that I love sex with women. I’m out about the fact that I love women. I think that in my life, the times I’ve been the most in love in my years so far, fallen the deepest and the hardest, have been for women, but that doesn’t discount the wonderful men that have been in my life, too."

She said that some people have the attitude, "Who cares?" when it comes to sexual orientation and sexual identity. "But I do; I care," she said. "I’m one of the people who cares. I’m interested when an actress comes out. I’m interested when somebody makes a comment about how they fantasize about other women. … It’s such a double-sided thing."

She continued: "And, also, it does affect my career. It absolutely does. It’s ridiculous that it does, and I really hope that one day in the years while I’m still walking around on this planet that it doesn’t. I hope that it just doesn’t even matter anymore. I hope there are more films that are not just gay and lesbian, but there’s gay and lesbian characters, there’s straight characters, there’s black characters. It’s just film.

"I want to absolutely promote visibility for gays and lesbians. That’s a very important part of me and what I’m going to do with my career and what I’ve already done in my career. … I’m glad that AfterEllen is there. I was just so excited when I saw my picture on there when they did the Best. Lesbian. Week. Ever. I read that every week. It was one of those feelings of, ‘Wow, I’m actually doing this.’

"People actually want to see what I’m doing. … Last year I had friends and lovers and people of that sort that were featured on there, and I was like, ‘It would be cool if I was on there.’ And now this. It’s really come full circle for me to get to this point, and it’s really, really exciting to be getting involved in this industry in this way. I’m really happy about that."

So, what’s next for Graham? She’s starring in Divine Express, the first in a trilogy of sexy, noir ish lesbian shorts directed by Kelly Burkhardt of the Philadelphia Gay and Lesbian Film Festival, and she was just signed to Billy Clift’s upcoming full-length feature, Everything Is Going To Be Just Fine

But the best news of all — at least for fans of 2 Minutes Later — is that Abigail and Michael may be back. "We’ve definitely talked about it," Graham said. "I can’t say too much, but we’re talking about a sequel; we’re talking about television. We’re talking about just keeping Abigail and Michael alive, because people seem to like them."

Watch the trailer for Devil Girl here:


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