“Jersey Strong” recap (1.2): Rekindling the Flame


Back in the dirty Jersey, Jayda and Creep discuss their relationship problems over dinner. They met 13 years ago while locked up in a program. Ten years later, the couple met again and began dating. “I think it was meant to be,” Creep says with that signature Creep grin. He’s a cutie pie. They’ve been engaged for three years (so I guess they got engaged right after meeting up again) but Jayda has been putting off the wedding because of concerns about Creep’s capacity for responsibility.


The next day, Jayda attends Ashley’s GED graduation ceremony at their local community center. Oy. Preggo with baby number four while getting your GED. Shit’s rough. I have no idea how she’s going to support those babies, but I hope she has the strength to see it through without totally losing herself. Ashley is beautiful and seems like a genuinely sweet girl. “My kids are who made me not quit,” she says. “I saw myself as a cashier for the rest of my life. I wanted to provide for them.”Bleak. Jayda is clearly a big supporter of Ashley’s education. “I think it’s very important that women understand their value outside of a relationship.” PREACH. That applies to you too, lezzies. Just because you got a wifey doesn’t mean you can just put your career aspirations on a back burner. I’m so over seeing my friends forget ambition once they’ve found love.


Back to Turks and Caicos. Brooke says vacations with Maggie are all about “rekindling” and “trying to keep the relationship going” which sounds a bit forced but then again I’m over a relationship by day 35, so not really my area of expertise. Both women look HOT dressed in glitzy sheathes and sippin’ champagne. They take the strawberries out of their champagne and eat them out of eat others mouths, then begin making out sloppily. Ick. Maggie and Brooke make friends with some other hotel guests, who encourage them to tell the story of how they met. FYI if you ever see me begging to hear the story of how a couple met,  you can assume that I am trashed.

Brooke: The first time I saw her, I was completely mesmerized by her beauty. I had a fiancé, and we were in the same group of friends. We all had tickets to a Justin Timberlake concert, and we went as a group. Maggie and I went to the bathroom and started making out.


At Jayda and Creep’s spot, the couple are having some issues.

Jayda: Creep is the type of man who thinks that since he loves me and I love him, everything will be OK. He figures that we have a lifetime to figure out these issues.

Jayda nags and Creep tunes it out. It’s like Everybody Loves Raymond in da hood.

Brooke and Maggie return home from their SEXXXY vacay, and Brooke giddily hops right back into a pile of work. Brooke loves work. Maggie loves work less because her work is helping Brooke with the work she loves. Working for the woman you are living and raising kids with must be difficult. I couldn’t do it.


At the park, Jayda and Ashley meet again to discuss her latest drams. Ashley’s cheating baby daddy cheated again, and she’s kicked him out. Again. It was only last episode that she took him back in after kicking him out. I suspect the relationship may not be working.

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